Guidelines for Interpreters

We have men in Ukraine visiting ladies every day and an essential part of the trip is the use of interpreters at meetings. A professional and experienced interpreter can make a huge difference to the success of a meeting.

We are blessed to have a number of very experienced interpreters and it is always great to receive feedback from the men about how good the interpreter was. Many men have formed friendships with interpreters that continue long after he has returned home.

However, it is not always smooth, especially if the interpreter is not as experienced as others or where the man is unsure what is included in her role and what is not.

We have drawn up a set of guidelines to assist you and clarify expectations when you are meeting a lady and this will be provided to you by ourselves when you request the meeting and also by the interpreter when the meeting is due.

These guidelines are:
Guidelines for Interpreters at Meetings Responsibilities:
1) Should have tidy, professional look (no short skirts or dresses below the knee, no blouses with a deep neckline, no bright makeup)
2) Be attentive to what the man says (do not miss the details of the conversation)
3) be in possession of a mobile phone with the numbers of the local agencies and the site support team;
4) to respond to the calls of the local agencies and the site support team;
5) to translate the conversations between men and ladies, without distortion and additions;
6) To arrive in time to the venue, as well as to meet the client in case of need;
7) to take pictures of the happy couple and send them to the local agency;
8) to provide a printed document IMBRA, if the man is from USA
9) familiarize men with these guidelines and ask him to record any post-meeting comments if he has any;
During the meeting it is prohibited:
1) to drink alcoholic beverages;
2) to smoke in front of the client;
3) to take personal phone calls;
4) to make purchases at the expense of the man, including food and drink;
5) to use slang or obscene language;
6) to impose on the man someone’s opinion and ideas;
7) To request a tip or extra money;
8) to add or distort information about the lady / man;

The man should not pay for the hours where there is no direct translation, such as going to the cinema, theater, concerts, attractions and all places of entertainment that do not require the presence of an interpreter.
The man pays only for the translation service.
The interpreter is not a friend nor an escort person. The client is not obliged to pay for the hours when he is not with the lady at the meeting (when they do not communicate with each other).
After the meeting, the translator must complete this form and ask the man to sign the form.

If you are traveling soon, we hope that these guidelines assist you and make the meeting pleasant and successful.


  • John McCormick

    Hi Keith, just want to clarify point 4 in the second set, does that include being involved in the meal if at a restaurant? Personally I would find it quite rude to eat in front of your interpreter without offering them some as well. The 3 that I used ate with us and I didn’t have a problem with it.
    Wouldn’t your “date” think you a tightwad if you didn’t include everyone.
    I look forward to everyones comments. Cheers.

    • keith

      Hi John
      Thanks for your comment.
      The guidelines are what is expected and you, as the man, are free to include the interpreter if you wish as you are paying. This would include the meal at the restaurant, theater tickets, etc.
      However, the guidelines are to indicate to the interpreter that she is working and is being paid and being provided with meals, drink and entertainment is not included in the fee.
      If we dont provide these guidelines then the man is unsure of the expectations.

  • kelly

    Hi John

    From my time in Ukraine i always offered stas ( my interpreter, who is now my friend and we talk once a week) the same thing as we were doing or eating or drinking. Half the time i had to beg him to have something. If you go to a decent restaurant the meal cost is very cheap. I took sveta’s dad, mum, sveta, renat, stas and I to a very nice place called Zaporozhye Sich. We had a three course meal, champagne (3 bottles), cheese and fruit platters, first class service and i think the bill was about 1200 UAH. Which at the time was about $A100. I could not wash my hands in a similar recent for less than $A100. personally, you want to be good friends with your interpreter, they will go out of there way to help you. they need to understand not only your words but what you are trying to say))). i spent one day with just Stas when sveta was at work to get to know him better.

    Hope my thoughts are of some help))) Good luck in your search.

    • keith

      Thanks Kelly
      As we said, the guidelines are to portray our expectations. It is up to the man whether he includes the translator or not. The translator must not take it as given that they will be treated to a meal and entertainment.
      Not every man can or will want to pay for the translators meal

  • Mark

    This is really helpful.
    One question, you mentioned IMBRA form. If this has already been provided to the lady, is this a new form or a copy of the prior form?

    Is there an additional charge, if this is indeed a second form?

    Little unclear about this and wanted clarification.

    Great general rules regarding the translator.

    Lastly, just something I have always wondered are translators always females?


    • keith

      Hi Mark
      It is the agency (and therefore the translators) job to ensure that the IMBRA forms have been completed prior to the meeting and, if not, to have them completed prior to the meeting starting.
      There are no second forms and there is no cost for the completion of these forms
      Translators are almost always female as the lady is more comfortable with a female translator

      • Mark

        Thanks. Appreciate the clarification.

      • Mark

        I just read Alan’s recap and it made me wonder if there is a “typical or average” hourly rate for translators. Also is it typical to pay in USD or UAH?

        • keith

          Hi Mark
          Yes, the typical or average hourly rate for translators is $20 per hour.
          This is what agencies have typically agreed with marriage/dating sites over many years and is paid 100% to the translator/agency. We make zero commission from this. The first hour is usually paid in advance (when the meeting is arranged) and then it is at the ladies discretion whether the translator is required after the first hour.
          Until recently it has been usual for men to pay in US dollars, but, as you can see from Alan’s comments, this is now relaxed a little due to the limitations and some difficulties getting US cash in some parts of Ukraine currently.
          If you needed a translator for a long period, most agencies will offer a daily rate.
          It is also usual for the lady to be accompanied by a translator from her agency – and usually the translator is female. This is a security and comfort request by the lady. After the first hour, she will know the man better and will be more relaxed about being with him.
          Some men make requests to bring their own translators and the ladies find this unsettling – especially if the mans translator is a male.
          I can understand why the man and the lady are reticent about translators that they do not know – that is one of the reasons we drew up the guidelines for translators and provide it to men prior to each meeting.
          Mark, I hope this answers your query.

  • Robert

    Hi Keith,
    I joined your website few weeks ago and happy to admit that i feel that there is a mutual honesty within your organization and you guys are more truthful with your client or subscribers.
    As i am thinking about making a trip to Ukraine and particularly Nikolaev to meet my ladies,what help can i expect from you guys in regards to obtaining tourist visa and how long usually the process takes?

    • keith

      Hi Robert
      Thank you for your post and your kind comments.
      The Ukraine Embassy in Australia is in Canberra and in all honesty and from experience, they are slow in processing VISA’s so allow yourself plenty of time – 2-3 weeks for an express VISA and up to 8 weeks for a standard application. Check the details on the Ukraine Embassy Australia site.

      We can look after your every requirement, from a travel quote, to accommodation, arranging your meetings, translators, guides, a cellphone with our 24 hours support number pre-programmed, meeting you at the airport and our personal taxi driver (it is a 2 hour drive from Odessa to Nikolaev).

      We have an online form that allows you to tell us everything you need and we can come back to you with the arrangements and details. The link is

      We look forward to hearing from you

      • Wayne

        Hi Keith,
        I would have to disagree with you on the efficency of the Ukrainian Embassy in Australia. Both times I have applied for a Visa they have been very quick in processing a Standard Visa, in both cases I have recieved this in around 14 days. If yo supply all the information they require they are great to deal with. I am looking forward to meeting with my Lady in August. I would also like to thank you and your staff in the way you conduct your business.

        • keith

          Hi Wayne
          I am delighted with your post. You are the first to say anything positive about the Ukraine Embassy in Canberra and I hope it means that things are on the improve.
          Just last month Blair from Auckland lost out on his entire trip as the VISA was not processed before his departure date – despite his best efforts to get it done on time.
          I hope you have a wonderful trip with great success. We look forward to assisting you to achieve this

          • Wayne

            Thanks Keith, I found that giving them more information than required helped in getting my Visa process smoothly ie: Hotel details and contacts, Copies on flights with arrival times and departure times as well as a copy of the travel insurance. Sorry to hear about Blair I hope he can re schedule his trip. I am looking forward to my trip and your staff has been awesome to deal with 🙂

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