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Being married to the love of your life is one of the best feelings in the world ever. It is one of the things that other people wish to experience. However, marriage is not a bed of roses. It is not always rainbows and butterflies. It is not all about the chemistry, excitement and love. There is so much more to it than just the happy and romantic moments. There are many trying and challenging times too, along the way. But all of these things are also essential to keep the marriage strong.

If you are married right now, or planning to get married soon, you should know that it is the kind of relationship you need to work on every day to make it last. But it does not mean you need to do something grand daily just to keep your wife or husband happy. Most of the time, it is just the tiny little things you do that can make that difference.

Here are some of the things you need to do if you want to keep your marriage strong and happy.

1. Show gratitude and appreciation

Saying thank you at least once daily does not cost anything. They are just very simple words but they can go a long way. If you can manage to thank other people for the little things they do, how can you not thank your wife or husband? When you show them gratitude every single, you can avoid making them feel like you are taking them for granted, which can result to resentment in the long run. So if they did something for you no matter how small it is, don’t forget to say the magic words.

2. Don’t try to change each other

The moment you said your vows on your wedding day means that you have accepted each other for who you are and what you have. It means that you know each other’s flaws, imperfections and differences and yet, you have decided to embrace them and love them for who they are. You don’t need to each other to the person you want yourselves to be because you are enough, and more than enough to each of you.

3. Relive the old days

There are times when you both will get busy and preoccupied with work, household chores, and kids once you start building a family. There will be times when you won’t notice that you actually have not given your relationship the attention it needs. In times like this, you can go out of your way to bring back old happy memories especially when you were still starting out as a couple. Do the things you used to do, eat at the restaurants you used to go, go on a date and spend some quality time alone. It will help you reconnect with each other and will keep the flame burning.

4. Spend time for meaningful conversations

Having meaningful conversations at the end of the day may not be something that you can do on a daily basis especially when you go to bed tired and exhausted. However, you still need to make a conscious effort to make it happen at least once a week. Remember the time when you used to talk for hours about your personal lives and lives as a couple? Asking each other about how the day went is not enough. Make time for quality and meaningful conversations.

5. Get active together

One of the most common things you can find among married couples is how they gain weight together especially when they start raising kids. Maybe it’s because they tend to forget about healthy diet, or they don’t have time for exercise. While it is sometimes impossible to squeeze this into your busy schedule, it is still important that you find time to still be physically active as a couple. You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym. You can just do it in your house, or you can go swimming or play some sports. Aside from staying fit and healthy, it is one excellent way for you to bond.

6. Maintain the trust and respect

Aside from love, the two other elements that can keep a married couple together is respect and trust. Many couples separate because they lack these two. When you are married, there will be many things you won’t agree about but when you respect each other’s opinions and differences, it will be easier to meet halfway. Also, you need to make sure you trust each other and stay trustworthy. Once suspicions and jealousy start to creep in, things get harder to control. There will be insecurities, a lot of arguments which can be the start of a failing marriage. You need to know how to trust each other and be worthy of that trust as well.

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