Have you designed your alpha lifestyle before starting international dating?

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Switched-on modern men know the fact that they are able to design a wonderful lifestyle without simply letting things happen to them in life. More exactly, alpha guys go out and then happen to things. Although you can’t control everything because many circumstances are outside of your control anyway, you can definitely design your happy lifestyle based on what you’ve got right now! In general, there are three areas in life that influence a guy’s happiness: 1) health; 2) wealth; 3) love. Do you have your roadmap ready before you start international dating?

  • Are you looking after your health?

Do you know what Matthew Hussey, Kate Northrup and Tom Bilyeu have in common? They all go to bed before 9 o’clock at night. Doctors argue that sleep is even more important than exercise & diet, as sleep has the best healing effect. 

You would be well-advised to implement the following strategies:

  1. Wear blue light glasses when you use a smartphone or a computer. These days most people are always looking at a screen which radiates blue light – this affects your sleep quality. But that shouldn’t be overdone: When you wake up in the morning and go out for a walk, you don’t need to wear blue light glasses because your eyes need some blue light early in the morning (so you can wake up properly).
  1. Use plastic garbage bags (black) to cover all windows in your bedroom. You have to block all light in the bedroom so you are able to sleep well in a totally dark room. After covering every window and if you still see your fingers, it means you’ve failed. Remember: your skin receives the light when you’re asleep & when that happens, the light still affects your sleep, although your eyes are definitely closed. Note that when you sleep in such a dark room for the very first time, you will probably sleep for 9 or 10 hours. Hence, it’s better to do this on a Saturday when you are able to sleep in.

In the second place, Dr Northrup claims that everyone should avoid sugar and grains. This is especially necessary when sugar and fat are together, i.e., ice cream and chocolate cakes are very unhealthy foods. The only food that you are able to eat as much as you want is vegetables. A switched-on guy eats healthy food roughly 80% of the time – if he eats fish and chips this weekend, he wouldn’t beat himself up – he can have some fun, but he will certainly be on the right track again immediately.

Finally, maintaining daily exercise is of vital importance during the pandemic when most people stay home all day every day. I don’t think you have to rely on the gym in order to stay fit, for the most helpful exercise is the one that you can stick to – only the physical exercise you truly like is sustainable. So, if you enjoy dancing, why not dance to the music in the living room every morning? Some exercise in the morning also improves your sleep quality at night.

  • Are you taking care of your mindset?

Truthfully, your mindset is the real prerequisite of success and happiness. Before you do your workout in the morning, you’d better work on your mindset first, e.g., reading one chapter of a book / listening to an inspiring podcast. You can also multi-task, e.g., listening to an audiobook while commuting each day.

Joy is the No. 1 underrated element of modern men’s wellbeing. Joy is all about enjoying life and doing what really makes you happy. Which activity gives you positive feelings? What gives you good emotions? Do that every day if you can.

Many people consult with psychologists and read books in order to feel better after being traumatized in the past. Books and psychologists are all necessary and important. But I believe that joy conditions your emotions faster, so it’s probably the best way to rewire your brain. Please let me explain.

When you were very young, the limbic system of your brain was open to everything in the environment. If traumatic incidents occurred at that time, the limbic system of your brain suffers because it has been stimulated dramatically. The limbic system is responsible for emotions, feelings, stimulation and memories. As a consequence, childhood trauma strongly affects a person’s long-term wellbeing. If you have been traumatized, you would be well-advised to do something joyful every single day apart from seeing a psychologist every week. Joy has to be a deliberate practice on a daily basis. I remember I was traumatized as a child, so I found a joyful job in a clothing shop where I could look at beautiful clothes every day – that job healed the trauma.

“Before you start international dating, please work on your happiness, health and wellbeing – these are paramount during uncertain times.”

  • Abnashi

    This is a very good article. I believe if you have life style where you are happy and not stressed you will be happy. Its up to you to design a joyful life and not work 12 hours that drains you and you never develop. I would like to recommend Dr Joe Dispenza book: breaking the habit of being yourself.


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