The Honest Truth about Love that Everyone Needs to Know About

October 23, 2017 at 2.43pm by in Online Dating
Honest Truth

It is a sad fact but many people still do not know what true love means. They idealize love so much that they have high expectations about it, thinking that it’s like the fairytales or the romantic movies they see on the screen but it’s wrong. When people develop these kinds of perception about love, it causes them to have unrealistic expectations about it which will later on cause disappointments and hurt.

It is the reason why you need to understand that love is not always what you thought it is. If you have experienced true love, you would know that it is not always a bed of roses. It is not always about being magical, happy and sweet. In true love, you will experience sacrifice and sometimes pain. And you need to know what real love entails so that you can be prepared for what it is like and you will know how you can make a relationship work.

Here are some honest truth that each person needs to know about love.

1. Love is not equal to compatibility

Just because you have fallen in love with someone does not mean that you are compatible with them and that you will always get along well. It’s because you can still love a person even if you have entirely opposite opinions and principles with them. You can still love a person even if they do not treat you well. You can still love a person even if their goals and priorities are contradictory to your own. So when you finally feel that you love someone, it means that you are willing to accept the person regardless of their beliefs, upbringing, and opinions. You will be ready to embrace your differences. And you will be willing to look over the flaws and imperfections of the person.

2. Love is means unending support

When you truly love someone, you will not be the type of person who will just focus on your own needs and happiness. In fact, you will be selfless and you will looking after the welfare and the growth of your partner. While you need to grow together in many aspects of your lives, you need to understand that you also need to grow individually. And part of that growth is supporting each other’s dreams and ambitions, for as long as it does not harm anyone and it is not detrimental to your relationship. It is not enough that you are there to encourage but you should be the one that pushes during the times when they would rather choose to give up. You will do it even if you don’t understand and even if it is not the easiest thing to do simply because you know how to love.

3. Love means unconditional care

You would know that your love is real when you care for the person despite and in spite of everything. Your love is unconditional and is not expecting anything in return. Sometimes, even if requires a sacrifice on your end, you will be willing to go through the difficulty if you know it is for the sake of the person you love. It is not martyrdom; it is just simple because of the fact that love is not self-centered but is rather giving.

4. Love means swallowing your pride

In a relationship, you will have many arguments and misunderstandings, and these things are natural because even if you are couple, you won’t think alike in every single way. But despite the fights and misunderstandings, and no matter whose fault it is, you will be willing to swallow your pride and reach out. You will be willing to talk things through because you know that your relationship is more important than who wins in the argument.

5. Love means expressing your affection

When you are in love, expressing it should not be hard. In fact, it is something that comes naturally. You don’t have to force it when the feelings are true. Although sometimes, we tend to forget because you get caught up in your busy schedule and so many things in life. So make sure that you don’t fail to let your partner know everyday how much you love them. It may be through words, actions, gifts, service or physical touch.

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