How to attract Ukraine women… under the radar

Ukrainian women

We all know that Ukraine women are very elegant and beautiful, so a lot of men are attracted to them. But do you know how to attract these amazing ladies effortlessly? 😉

Exposure leads to attraction.

Why did Don Draper marry Megan Draper? Why did Roger Sterling marry Jane Sterling? Obviously, those two women were their secretaries, so the conclusion is pretty clear – exposure leads to attraction. That is to say, when a man and a woman are in the same environment for a long time, the attraction grows organically.

Similarly, you can use this principle to your advantage. For example, each day you should send a message to the Ukraine woman that you like on & make sure you schedule a video/audio chat with her as well.

Constant communication gives you enough exposure in her world, so this strategy can build attraction pretty quickly.

Intelligent conversations lead to attraction.

Having ongoing conversations alone will not help you build tremendous attraction. What you need to do is to have intelligent conversations with the Ukraine woman you like. That’s because intelligent conversations are oftentimes very memorable.

Indeed, if you think about high-quality books that you’ve read, you probably remember a lot of them very clearly, right? Yes, reading a good book is just like having an intelligent conversation with the author! 😊

No wonder intelligent conversations in dating and relationships are so important! The ability to have intelligent conversations makes you unforgettable. Are you able to keep the intelligent conversation going? If you need some support, you can read more books, listen to more podcasts and attend some personal development seminars. All of these activities will definitely make your conversations highly intelligent and very interesting because you will have a wealth of stimulating and exciting things to talk about. 😉

The importance of micro-attraction:

Okay. First of all, please let me explain what micro-attraction means.

Technically, micro-attraction refers to a moment when a person does something that impresses you romantically. This doesn’t have to be something tremendous or huge. It can be something small but meaningful.

For instance, when she is highly stressed, you give her a box of chocolate to comfort her. When she is sad, you invite her to a comedy show. These are all moments of micro-attraction!

In other words, you don’t have to do anything dramatic in order to impress a Ukraine woman. Many simple things can be quite impressive because ladies are more sensitive and emotional – they know you care.

All right. Now I’d like you to think about moments of micro-attraction that you experienced previously. Maybe when you and a woman were reaching for the same cup of coffee in a coffeehouse, the proximity built the attraction? Or perhaps when a woman checked in while you were going through a crisis & you feel very grateful for her email?

These moments of micro-attraction work even better on women because women pay more attention to details. So, what can you do to create moments of micro-attraction from now on? 😉

The way you treat yourself teaches her how to treat you.

I know a man who wears high-quality clothes and travels in style. He told me that the way he treats himself is always teaching people how to treat him. This is very, very profound.

Apparently, if you treat yourself with 100% respect, your Ukraine woman will also treat you well because she can see your expectations and standards clearly. But if you don’t even respect yourself, how can you expect other people to respect you?

Thus, you would be well-advised to show more respect to yourself on a daily basis. Note that there is a big difference between liking an individual and respecting an individual. Always choose respect first!

Here are some examples of how to treat yourself with complete respect:

  1. Don’t stay up late at night; always prioritize the quality of your sleep.
  2. Work out regularly and make sure you are fit & healthy.
  3. Eat healthy food and avoid processed & junk food altogether.
  4. Set realistic goals that you can achieve and work towards your goals each day.
  5. Keep your promises; do what you’ve promised at all times.
  6. Look after your Ukraine lady like a real man would do.
  7. Have some non-negotiable standards and communicate your standards to your Ukraine woman.
  8. Be ambitious, strategic, down-to-earth and caring at the same time.
  9. Maintain positive and healthy relationships with business partners / colleagues, family and friends.
  10. Build a powerful social circle.
  11. Dress well.

“Who do you want to be today? Become that attractive guy now. That can be your new identity.”

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