How to attract Ukrainian women naturally, effortlessly… without trying

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Keen on Ukrainian ladies? Yes, they are the most beautiful, elegant and respectful women in the world. Look, this article is about helping you meet, attract and keep a high-value Ukrainian wife!

If you become the best version of yourself, you will naturally attract Ukrainian ladies.

According to my observation, a life-long learner is an attractive guy because he is ready to learn something anywhere, at any time.

Tom Bilyeu is a high achiever in Los Angeles. Every night he goes to bed at 9pm and wakes up at around 3am without an alarm clock. Then he gets up within 10 minutes and goes to the gym, even though he hates going to the gym. Obviously, Tom Bilyeu knows the importance of doing some exercise every day. After that, he works on his mindset by reading a book.

Jordan Harbinger is an American radio personality with a wildly successful podcast. He also goes to the gym every day while listening to an audio book. Apparently, successful men highly value knowledge and learning – they are all avid readers!

Now I’m going to list some very valuable and interesting books in this article so that you can add something to your reading list this year.

First, Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass is the most important book that you should read if you would like to become a romantic guy. It is said that Bill Clinton gave Hillary Clinton this book when they were dating in the 70s. Bill also gave Leaves of Grass to Monica Lewinsky in the 90s. It seems that this is a sensual book as it’s famous for its discussion of pleasure in a time when this type of topics was not allowed. I would argue that the writing style in this book is very romantic and any man can learn a thing or two from this book when it comes to romantic love.

Second, Neil Strauss’s The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships is my favorite book in the world. As an autobiographical book, The Truth teaches you how to build and maintain a serious relationship when you are ready for something meaningful in your love life. Because Ukraine Brides Agency is for men who are looking for real relationships, we definitely recommend this very informative and educational book.

Third, Robert Greene and 50 Cent’s The 50th Law is an extremely useful book which is all about strategies and fearlessness. Those who suffer from anxiety should totally read this book as soon as possible. You will learn how to thrive outside of your comfort zone and become a better version of yourself by overcoming your fear. Next, a lovely Ukrainian lady recommended a novel called Girl with a Pearl Earring to our website. In this story, Johannes Vermeer works with Griet, a female servant in their house. As a guy and a lady work in the same room, the chemistry is real. The author describes this relationship in a very subtle, vivid and moving way.

What can you learn from fictional characters?

In his book The Alter Ego Effect (recommended by another Ukrainian woman), Todd Herman argues that having a secret identity is the best way to improve yourself! Please let me explain.

Many years ago, I saw a movie called Legally Blonde in which Elle is an ambitious, hardworking and fashionable woman. Now every time when I need to feel energized, I simply imagine that I am Elle from Legally Blonde! This changes my state instantly. It really works.

Now how can this theory help you? Well, if you’d like to attract a high-value Ukrainian bride, you can use your secret identity to improve yourself in the first place.

That means you may imitate fictional characters as long as it works for you!

For instance, let’s say you would like to look more mysterious, you can imagine that you are Joe in Meet Joe Black. Yes, Joe is more attractive and mysterious than James Bond, according to a survey amongst Ukrainian ladies. 😉

But if you want to become a romantic writer, you can imitate Alex Wyler from The Lake House. This guy is able to communicate really well with written words, which is a very important skill when it comes to online dating, right?

Have you seen the movie Black Swan? It is a psychologically horror movie and it’s a masterpiece in this category. In this story, Thomas Leroy is a good example – he is a fearless man!

Another interesting example is Dr. William Harford in Eyes Wide Shut. But we all know that story is probably a fantasy only.

Of course, you can even imagine that you are Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey! Why not? Christian Grey is confident, powerful and dominant. He is a real alpha male that Ukrainian women admire.

Why music makes you a more charming man:

Now I’m going to show you several songs that will make you a more attractive man.

Let’s say you are about to go out for a date with a Ukrainian lady. In order to make you feel the romantic feelings fast, you can listen to Diana Ross and Westlife’s When You Tell Me That You Love Me. Diana Ross is a soul singer with a very beautiful voice. It’s an emotive, loving and sensuous song that will put you in the right mood.

Another song that you may want to save on your playlist is Sarah McLachlan’s I Love You which is a gorgeous song that you can listen to when you are driving. If you plan to drive your Ukrainian girlfriend home, you should totally put on this song as the background music in your car.

Sarah McLachlan has another song called Last Dance. Technically, it’s not a song because it’s 100% music without lyrics. You can keep listening to this song when you are cooking dinner with your Ukrainian girlfriend at home – it’s so relaxing.

Also, Richard Marx’s Right Here Waiting is another beautiful song that will make you feel the right feelings instantly. It’s very emotional and enchanting.

Charm is the gatekeeper in dating and relationships; what really keeps a woman is your personality.

Your girlfriend wants to feel important. So, when you talk to her, you should make her feel that she is the only person in the room, even if you two are attending a dinner party. Remember: every woman wants to feel valued and cherished by her man.

In order to become the most charming guy in the world, you need to start from working on your smile. The most charming smile looks like this: this smile starts from your lips, and gradually the smile travels to your eyes. Then this smile becomes a flood on your face. What an irresistible smile!

When you are in a relationship with a Ukrainian woman, please remember to show your approval and appreciation often. Say thank you frequently. In psychology, this is called positive reinforcement. The more you acknowledge her, the better she will become.

“If you give your Ukrainian girlfriend enough admiration and attention, she will love you more and more each day.”

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