How to become magnetic to ladies from Ukraine

January 17, 2020 at 11.46am by in Slavic Women
lady from Ukraine

Becoming magnetic to Ukrainian women requires you to build an amazing lifestyle that excites yourself and people around you. Now let me show you how to do it!

Proactively build a wonderful lifestyle that attracts Ukrainian women.

First and most importantly, attractive men have interesting lifestyles that attract ladies from Ukraine. I’m not talking about superficial riches. I mean high-value men live an amazing lifestyle that they are proud of. High-value men don’t wait for permission to do what they want. If they set their sights on a certain goal, they never make excuses – they simply make plans and then take real action.

Think about your current lifestyle now. Do you have an exciting career that makes you can’t wait to get up every morning? Do you have hobbies that add true value to your life? Do you have interesting friends that bring you joy? If your answer is no to any of these questions, it’s time to build an exciting lifestyle proactively. Let’s say your job is okay and you don’t find it particularly exciting. Perhaps you can consider starting a side hustle on the Internet. If you don’t have time for hobbies, think about what you enjoy doing when you were a child and make time for those activities. For instance, Peter enjoyed singing, dancing, painting and writing when he was a kid (he is a very artistic person, but now he has been conditioned to be analytical due to peer pressure and the expectations from his job). After consulting with a dating coach, Peter has decided to build a phenomenal lifestyle which is best characterized by music, art and literature. Now instead of going to the gym every day, he dances to the music at home. Every weekend, he reads a good book or goes to the local gallery. If you don’t have interesting friends, you may go to and join some groups – you will meet many like-minded people there.

Have some standards.

This is something that western dating culture misses – real standards. In western countries, people are encouraged to play hard to get, i.e. building themselves up to make themselves look like a challenge. However, being a truly attractive guy isn’t about appearing like a challenge. Instead, a truly attractive guy is a challenging guy. I know these might sound the same, but if you look at these closely, you know they are not the same.

Being a challenging man is about having real standards. You see, when you are high-value, you don’t let anyone into your life. As a matter of fact, your situation will be the opposite. High-value men have real standards for the kind of Ukrainian ladies that they will give themselves to when it comes to time.

High-value men have a firm sense of what they will put up with from a woman and what they will not put up with. When Ukrainian women are around these high-value men, they know that they must bring their best game to the table. You indicate that you have real standards early on in a romantic relationship by not allowing things to slide when a woman shows behavior that you do not agree with.

Express yourself.

I know many men think they should look like James Bond in order to attract women. But that strategy doesn’t work in terms of international dating.

High-value men are ‘in the moment’, meaning they don’t hold back when they are having a great time or worry about how others will respond to them. Insecure men look at other people before laughing to see whether it’s okay to laugh, or they don’t express their enjoyment of a funny joke simply because they are worried about how they will be perceived. By contrast, high-value men show their full facial expression because they are not afraid to let go a bit. For example, when you find something funny, you can throw your head back & just enjoy laughing. Ukrainian ladies find it very attractive when western men are comfortable in their own skin & allow their bodies to express their feelings and emotions. That’s why you would be well-advised to use full gestures rather than having closed, tight body language.

Find your passion.

This can be a higher calling. In my opinion, a passion is an activity that you feel emotionally attached to – it makes your life worth living.

Darren Hayes was born to sing. He was an artistic boy – he could sing, dance, paint and draw pictures. His father was an alcoholic guy who physically abused his mother in front of him. He comes from a poor working-class family in Brisbane, Australia. When he was young, he was bullied by other kids at school because everyone figured out that he was guy except himself. When he met Daniel Jones in 1991, they started a band which was called Savage Garden later on. At that time, Darren Hayes dropped out of university and his father was very worried about him because his father thought he should have a real job instead of pursuing a singing career which may never work out. Savage Garden had at least 150 rejections before their music was acknowledged by the industry. From 1996 to 2001, Savage Garden achieved international success – they sold more than 30 million records. In fact, Darren Hayes says, “This is exactly what I want to do all my life. Actually, I love it so much that I would do it for free.” That’s true passion.

I’m not saying you must find a similar passion like that. I mean in order to be a passionate man, you’ll need a passion. When you pay so much attention to your passion, that will make ladies from Ukraine find you very attractive.

First of all, when you have a passion, your conversation will improve a lot because your conversation will become more effortless. Boring people act boring as they don’t feel they have anything in their lives that excite them. Yet when you have a passion (something you actually live to do), you will be able to talk about it all day. As a result, people will want to pay attention and listen to you. When you talk about your true passion, your face will light up and your voice will become excited.

Next, you will become magnetic to ladies from Ukraine. A high-value guy who lives his passion will draw people into his life. If you live a wonderful life that you’re totally passionate about and really do what you enjoy, this enthusiasm will be infectious, no matter what it is.

Last but not least, you will have a higher calling other than women. Those who don’t have a higher calling always feel that they must have a relationship to fill an emotional hole, as they can’t find fulfilment somewhere else. However, when you have a passion, you live for something other than finding a relationship or marriage. Therefore, you will not feel needy, for you will have a focus other than wanting a woman in your life. Interestingly, Ukrainian women are attracted to men who follow their own path.

“Dating Eastern European women is a very enlightening experience.”

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