How to combine online dating with offline dating & meet the best Ukrainian women

November 8, 2020 at 1.10pm by in International Dating
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These days online dating is mainstream, especially during the pandemic. Having said that, offline dating is still valuable, particularly if you know how to combine offline dating with online dating – this approach will certainly maximize your chance of meeting the best candidate in record time.

⦁ Join an international dating site to meet Ukrainian ladies; crash a party to meet women offline.

If you are looking to marry a Ukrainian woman, then you probably have to join a dating site because the best way to approach international dating is to use an online dating website.

Before you find the right person, you would be well-advised to try offline dating at the same time. The ideal way to meet high-quality women by design (not by default) is to crash an upscale party!

Do some research online and find out where the most upscale party is held this Saturday night in your local area. Dress up and rock up.

When you dress up, you feel great. When you feel like a million dollars, other people at the party will assume that you are invited as a VIP guest. They will respect you and won’t question you.

Because you don’t know anyone at the party, you can simply get yourself a drink and approach a group. Pay attention to what they are discussing and naturally join their conversation.

If there is a woman that you like in this group, you should approach the person who is standing next to her in a friendly manner. Please let me explain.

The conversation between this gateway person and you could look like this:

YOU: “Nice to meet you today. What are you drinking? That looks great.”

THE GATEWAY PERSON: “It’s Bloody Mary. The best cocktail here.”

YOU: “Wonderful. I must try that later on. What do you do?”

THE GATEWAY PERSON: “I am an accountant at ABC Accounting Firm.”

YOU: “Very nice. So, you are here with your friend?” (You look at the attractive lady that you like. At this moment, the attractive lady is standing not too far away from you.)

THE GATEWAY PERSON: “Yeah. We’ve known each other for a long time.”

YOU: “What does she do?”

THE GATEWAY PERSON: “She is a music teacher at XYZ School.”

Later on, when you join the group conversation once again, you will be a pleasant conversationalist and find a way to say something like, “I love music because when I was at school, my music teacher was very inspiring…”

I’m sure the attractive woman will start to talk to you more about music or your music teacher. Gradually, this will become a conversation between you and this attractive woman. If the chemistry is right, you can invite her to something that you organize, e.g. your Happy Hour next week. In this way, you can see her again without any pressure. If things go well, you can ask her out for a proper date.

⦁ Arrange a date effortlessly and tactfully.

This strategy is designed for you to feel relaxed.

You are going to a boxing class in the gym at 4pm on Sunday. At 10am on Sunday, you send a message to the woman that you like: “I’m going to a boxing class in your part of the town this afternoon. I will get a hot chocolate before the boxing class, so we can meet there at 3:30pm. That’s the best café with very nice music – you should come.”

This text message tells her several key things: 1) You are going to attend a boxing class and you will get a hot chocolate from that café anyway. Therefore, it’s hard for her to give you a rejection. 2) You are not even asking “Would you like to come?” You just use a statement “You should come”. Since it’s not a request, you aren’t asking anything from her. You are not needy. You are confident.

If you ask her “Would you like to come?”, then she will have 2 questions in her head: I) “Do I want to go to that café?” II) “Can I go to that café today?”

Nevertheless, when you say “You should come”, she merely has 1 question in her head: “Can I go to that café today?”

“If a Ukrainian woman likes you, she will come to the café to meet you. Then you just have half an hour for a quick date as you will go to the boxing class at 4pm. This is the ideal length of a random date which is arranged by you at random. Within half an hour, you make the conversation delightful and engaging. Then you have to go. This will surely make her want to see you once again pretty soon. Therefore, she will look forward to the next date. And then you can arrange a proper date with her.”

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