How to create the ideal first impression on a date with a Ukrainian woman

November 23, 2021 at 7.57am by in Slavic Women

If you are not sure what to wear on the first date with a Ukrainian lady, be sure to read this blog post today. ✔️

Clothes make the man.

Now you are meeting your Ukrainian lady for the first time, so the first impression is very, very important. When you dress well, you are registered in the lady’s mind as a cool guy immediately. Have you found your style? 👔

You have to look good, even though you don’t necessarily have to buy very expensive clothes. Knowing what’s congruent with your personality and what’s current can help you improve your fashion quickly. What you wear on the 1st date is oftentimes more important than you usually think.

If you are unsure what you should wear, it’s time to rethink your style. Maybe you should upgrade your wardrobe? Personally, I never regret investing in my appearance, for this investment opens doors and leads to new opportunities in love and in life. 👗

A Ukrainian woman wants to be really proud of the man she is married to. She wants to genuinely admire him and his style. She wants to show her husband off to her friends and family. Hence, please do not ignore your fashion sense. ✨

According to Brian Tracy, an outstanding salesperson always wears nice clothes, as the salesperson’s style indicates the quality of the services or products they are selling. In other words, it all begins from the salesperson’s personal presentation. ⭐

Although this blog isn’t about how to be a good salesperson, I think this theory applies to the dating scenario as well. Indeed, dating also starts from your personal presentation. 🌟

Just give yourself the permission to wear nice clothes!

In 2009, I was hired by an upscale store. Because it was a family business, the business owners had very high expectations (that was their own money). As I only had casual clothes at that time, I knew nothing about formal clothing. Consequently, my employer was unhappy with what I was wearing (my uniform hadn’t arrived yet – I was wearing a jumper and gray pants). So, my employer was mad at me, “You are not staying at home, are you? We sell dear products in this store, so you have to wear black pants, a white shirt and a cardigan!”

I was in my 20s and only had 1 white shirt in my wardrobe. When I was wearing that white shirt the next day, my employer was mad again, “You forgot to iron your white shirt.” In that moment, I figured out that I never had an iron. Hence, I bought an iron from the supermarket at night and some good clothes from the department store. Before that, I generally bought my clothes from Kmart and Target. 👕

Apparently, I didn’t work for that family business for a long period of time, yet I still learned a lot: I bought an item from the department store and it cost me $120. More than one decade later, that item still looks perfect. Most of those nice clothes that I bought when I started that job still look really good now. Nonetheless, my cheap clothes never lasted for 1 year or 2. That means when it comes to the dear items in my closet, the cost per wear is significantly lower. That is to say, I literally save a lot of money when I purchase dearer items.

“When you look amazing, you feel amazing as well. Why not get some fashion advice?”

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  • Saeed Akbar

    Awesome article it’s good that I am not that man without fashion sense but a real, strong, stylish gentleman 😀


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