How to be relaxed when you are on a date with a Slavic lady

October 9, 2021 at 3.13am by in Dating advice
Slavic women

In contemporary society, lots of men have read books about dating. Consequently, they sometimes use scripts when they are on dates with women. Yet scripts are not natural at all. Truthfully, if you must plan all the details regarding how to talk to a woman, then you can’t relax on a date. I know learning social skills is key, yet you must be able to adapt the theories that you’ve learned based on the situation you are actually in. 😉

  • Don’t be too analytical.

You have to get out of your head, especially if your job is very analytical. Otherwise, you won’t be able to escape from all that theorizing at work. In order to build a true connection with a Slavic woman, you must be less analytical when you are on a date!

I know you already have technical skills because you are good at what you do in the workplace; however, dating requires practical skills, including soft skills that make you more present and more real on a date. 

First and foremost, you need active listening skills. Most men don’t have good listening skills. Sadly, without good listening skills, a person can’t have good communication skills in general. Even if you have learned the best anecdote to be used in conversations, this anecdote should be used in the right situation. I mean if the anecdote is irrelevant to the conversation, the woman will probably be bored. Look, you can tell her the wonderful anecdote which shows how amazing you are; nevertheless, be sure to weave the anecdote into the conversation tactfully!

When the Slavic lady says something extraordinary, you say, “Perfect. That literally reminds me of my experience in England….” Now you use the anecdote. 

Please actively listen to the woman you are dating and find out what she actually cares about and what she is truly interested in. This will help you to notice the keywords she prefers and then you will know which topic is the right topic later on. Let’s say this woman tells you that she is from Russia but she likes Canada. You may talk about your very unusual business trip in Canada!

Slavic women
  • Her tone is just as important as her words.

Realistically, only one part of the conversation is through what people say. The rest of the conversation is through tone as well as body language

Imagine talking about the fashion show that you’ve been to. In this case, if the lady’s response is short, it means she doesn’t like fashion shows very much, even though you might assume most women like fashion shows. Therefore, you need to change the subject quickly. That’s how to be a well-calibrated, savvy dater!

Nonetheless, if this Slavic lady’s response is long and her tone is passionate, it means she likes fashion. Then you can ask her why she is so interested in fashion

Now I’d like to share with you several common reasons why most ladies like fashion: A) She never had nice clothes to wear in her childhood; B) she likes artistic expression; C) she is very creative.

Remember to be flexible: If you talk about something that may bore a woman (cars, cell phones, etc.) but her eyes light up all of a sudden, you can totally talk about this topic more and forget limiting rules on the date.

  • Observe your Slavic lady’s response.

She is waiting for you in the coffee shop. You touch her shoulder suddenly in order to slightly scare her (and to flirt). But unlike other ladies who would laugh because of your playful gesture, this lady has a frowning facial expression. In this moment, you should say this to the lady, “I’m sorry. I must admit that although it was a spontaneous and playful attempt, we obviously have very different senses of humor. Well, it’s fine. We can forget that as I’m curious to know if we have any commonality. Let’s start over!”

Most men are not so socially savvy, so she will feel truly connected to you.

“Principles are better than rules!”

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