How do successful men think in international dating, life and business?

May 7, 2021 at 9.29am by in International Dating
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There are many successful men on – because they are very busy with their careers, they haven’t had enough time to find love in reality. Therefore, they have joined, a trustworthy international dating site – now they are ready for true love. After helping many successful men find true love, I have noticed that successful men have some great qualities that they share.

  • Successful men are more likely to choose international dating because their vision is big – their vision isn’t limited to their local area.

Unlike other dating services that ask you to swipe left or right based on your GPS location, introduces Eastern European ladies to you online. These ladies are genuine single women looking for love and they are ready to marry foreign men. As a result, successful men who think big are keen to join in order to find love.

How do successful people think? They all have something in common – they think big. More specifically, they know that success is always outside their comfort zone.

In order to think big, you must get comfortable with discomfort. Try something new. Be different. Take a risk. Don’t wait until conditions are perfect. They will never be perfect because perfection is a joke. Please expect future difficulties, challenges and problems and solve them as they arise. Look, ideas alone can’t bring success. Ideas only have value when you act upon them. You can use action to cure fear and build confidence. Do what you fear, and fear gradually disappears.

Think success. Don’t think failure. Successful people let the main thought “I will succeed” dominate their thinking process. Thinking success conditions your mind to generate plans which lead to success, whereas thinking failure does the exact opposite.

Believe big. The size of your success is totally determined by the size of your belief. When you think small goals, you can only expect small achievements. But when you think big goals, you will win big success.

  • Successful men not only think big in their love lives, but also think big in business.

When you start a business, the ability to make an impressive impact will determine whether your business can become successful quickly.

The best way to make an impact is to go the extra mile. Please note that when you have a day job, you only need to be reasonably good. But when you run your own business, excellence is always expected at all times. Most business owners know that, so they do things with excellence, but that’s exactly where most business owners stop. That means you should make an impact by going the extra mile and adding more value. Look, the extra mile is never crowded!

Happiness happens when reality exceeds expectations, so you need to make your customers satisfied, happy and loyal by going further. Sometimes certain small details pose as insignificant things, but actually, they can help you to make a great impact in business. They are just like the topping on a cup of coffee! For instance, while other business owners send emails to their customers before Christmas in order to sell them something, you send your important customers handwritten cards before Christmas without an agenda. Now you are making an impact in business.

  • How to be disciplined:

Research shows that successful men are much less likely to be divorced because they are very disciplined in their marriages. A recent study suggests that western men who are married to Eastern European women are more likely to stay married because their marriages are very stable – Eastern European ladies are traditional wives.

The modern world is full of distractions – the news, emails, social media, TV and text messages are sending you noises all the time. A highly effective person knows how to manage distractions and stay disciplined! In order to manage distractions properly, you have to set boundaries. For example, you don’t really have to receive notifications from your email on the phone, so you can find a way to eliminate those notifications. You also don’t really have to install Facebook and Instagram on your phone. If you use Facebook and Instagram for business purpose, you can simply access them on your computer. If you have to have Facebook and Instagram on your phone, you may use a timer or an alarm clock so that you only use Facebook or Instagram for 20 minutes per day.

“Discipline is the prerequisite of consistency. Without discipline, you can’t be consistent. Consistency determines business success because habits and routines become the realistic foundation for a business. The best way to be disciplined is to live a structured life. I know entrepreneurship is more flexible, so you can have more freedom in terms of how you do things. But that’s also why entrepreneurship isn’t easy – you need to create a structured life by yourself when you don’t have a boss who tells you what to do and when to do things.”

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