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Whenever a lady sees a man she is interested in she sends him a letter hoping that he will read it, like what she has written and that he will be similarly interested and write back to her. When there are thousands of ladies on the site her chances can be slim.

For this reason, some ladies can go to extreme measures to be noticed including sexually suggestive letters that grab the attention. Most of the time these types of letters are not welcome and actually succeed in driving the man away from the site – he thinks the site is not genuine.

This is very sad for the majority of ladies on the site who are very genuine and who would not stoop to those levels to attract attention. When the men leave the site because of the actions of a few ladies, their chances of finding love are diminished even further for the genuine ladies.

To offer all ladies an even playing field, we have made it compulsory for every lady on the site to have a pre-approved introductory letter. She can only use this letter to contact a man for the first time.

We have set up the introductory letter for each lady based on the profile that they have loaded and they all follow the same format to start with. If you receive introductory letters in the next few weeks they will seem similar – not the words, but the layout.

An example is “Hi, I am Anna and I live in Kiev. I have blond hair and blue eyes and I am a hairdresser. I have 1 child and I am interested in marriage and friendship. My interests are…….” You can see from this example that what we have done is select keywords from their profile and inserted them into the letter layout. Please don’t think that all ladies are suddenly writing the same letters.

We have asked the ladies to edit their introductory letters to make them more appealing and professional and the ladies will be working away on this, so they will change over time. Each time they change their letter it is sent to us for approval.

This will prevent the current situation where a few ladies are sending letters that are inappropriate and portraying the wrong message about the site, the ladies on the site and how genuine we are about what we offer.

If you write to a lady, send her a nudge or chat with her before she has sent you her introductory letter, then she is free to write to you normally, she does not need to reply with her introductory letter.

In the last few months we have restricted the ladies that can contact you by ensuring their age falls within your ideal lady age range, she falls into your categories of marriage, friendship or fun and we have limited the number of times she can send you her introductory letter to once a month. This means that any letter you receive is from a lady who fits into your search criteria and is not wasting your time.

You are free to search outside your criteria and contact any lady that you want – but that choice is yours, not hers.

Postscript…. since writing this email in preparation for sending, hundreds of ladies have started writing their own personalised intro letters. Here is an example that shows what they can look like with some effort:

subject Those 3 most beautiful words!;))
Let me start my letter by showing how affectionate, sunny and optimistic I am.;)) My glass is always full of something delicious and I believe that any place is great when shared with your beloved. I heard many happy stories of finding Love abroad and came here in the hope to become so lucky too. Do you believe in fate, by the way?;))

Concerning my job I am an economist in the bank. I deal with clients and help them when they have any problems. So, being open-minded, social and friendly helps me a lot in my work.:)) In fact, I should say that I have two educations. The first one is a teacher of English and the second – economist. I am not afraid of any challenges that future could prepare for me. I am sure that I will adapt myself easily to a new place and it would be fun to learn the language of my beloved man.;)))

If I have free moment, I can enjoy meeting with friends, going to some interesting places or just getting pleasure from snuggling under the covers of the bed and watching a movie or listening to good music. By the way, my favourite movies are the “Father of the Bride” and “Father of the Bride- 2”.:)) Have you ever watched these wonderful romantic movies??? What are yours?

I think that it is the biggest delight in our life when we find our beloved and say those 3 most beautiful words!!! Right?;))) That’s why I came here in the search for that special man who will make my heart bloom with his love, who will enjoy being together whether we will have the great dinner in the luxurious restaurant or just some tasty food cooked at home, who feels ready to be happy taking care of his wife and family, and of course, who is eager to find immense joy in receiving my love and tenderness each day… Do I want to much? How do you think? … If you wish the same, then, please, make my heart beat faster from your letter!!!;))

With many happy smiles, Marina.;)))))

  • Harvey

    Hello everyone. I am glad we have a chance to say what we feel about changes to the site. I have like all the other changes so far except this one. I am not a fan of censorship, nor am I a fan of removing individuality from the letter from any woman who writes a letter that has the message of saying “This is a glimpse of who I am so that you can consider a great future life with me.” Whatever a woman says to me in her introductory letter should be taken as something close to her heart, even if it is sexual. We are all adults here and the men should condider that sex is a great part of marriage that strengthens the bonds between a couple. If a man considers a woman insincere, I do not understand how that means that the site is insincere. Women should be allowed to say what is important to them without workout so hard to fit into some unnatural format. Censorship does not solve this problem adequately in my opinion because the letter format is too similar to the profile; the purpose of writing an introductory letter is to say things that are in addition to the profile. A guy who is interested will read a woman’s profile and her letter, so making them similar creates the feeling of distance and redundancy, not the feeling that something intimate and private was sent in addition to a public profile. To all men who read this: Please don’t leave the site because a woman was honest in her letter. If you are interested in her… write back and change the subject if you like. I thought this was supposed to be freeing our hearts and having fun finding each other. I like the personal touch of this site most of all, but this new format takes a lot of that away.

    Let us open our hearts freely here.

    • keith

      Hi Harvey
      Thank you for taking the time to write – I appreciate it.

      The changes that we introduced here are not to censor communication but to ensure that the first messages that a man receives when he joins the site do not put him off receiving letters from other ladies and replying to them – that is why he joined the site – to find a genuine lady who is looking for marriage and who is compatible with him.

      Unfortunately, there are women who use these sites that use outrageous letters to be noticed and for the majority of men this is a turn-off and they leave the site. The majority of ladies who are sincere and have stronger morals miss out on the opportunity to communicate with the man because he has left the site.

      If you are looking for a partner and you go to a social setting where you are likely to find someone, would she immediately come up to you and start talking sexually explicit language? No, of course she wouldn’t. It is not natural for the first conversation – so why would it be any different here on this site?

      If you have been communicating with a lady and you are then happy to talk about sex, then that is between you and the lady – as it should be. We are not preventing this.

      An introduction should be exactly that – an introduction about herself – for you to know her better and to notice her and take interest. That is all we ask

  • Reggie

    Hi Guys!

    I have been on this site for near 2 years. I have seen a dramatic change in the overall “attitude” and commitment to make a honest site by Keith and his staff. In fact, I correspond with him often on such efforts. I even have a new eBook on the subject which is now out on Contact Keith directly if you want to know more.

    I understand why Keith has gone to a standard profile-like introduction letter from women who wish correspond with men here. I agree it can come off as being impersonal, but in the end, we are all here to find genuine, sincere, marriage ready women, right? You cannot believe the number of letters I got using “Hi dear” which is just as impersonal in my opinion, and most which do not even give reason for why a woman writes in the first place. I can say many of the “trash” that was on the site months ago (many that I had corresponded with are now gone….and I think for the better) and now, hopefully only the good women not post profiles to the site. That should mean more success for men seeking love here. We all search for love and to find happiness with a good woman. I have told Keith, I just want an honest chance at that and when a woman writes to me, that she actually means it. In over 15 years (6 years I was married but helped guys just like you) I rarely found genuine women who wrote. Most agencies just don’t care about seeing men happy, all they want is your money. Keith is a rare exception, in my opinion. He has kicked and hawed at me for the suggestions I have made over time, but he has slowly enacted a number of them. His site is now better for it. We do not have to find those women online and there for one purpose only, to waste your time and money. Keith is the only agency I know of that actually refunds credits when a woman proves to be insincere, doesn’t answer back and such. He is trying to make a difference and you guys NEED to take notice.

    One other observation I ask of any man here, if you are here to be a player or seeking sex from these women, PLEASE go to an adult site and get off marriage sites. You ruin the chances for guys seeking marriage with these women, just because you want to be so selfish. There are plenty of sex sites you can go to, so do us all a favor, and stop making it harder for us genuinely trying to find a bride!

    I ask that you all be patient, and let Keith continue to make this a genuine site for all. I have yet to find my bride here, but I have not given up hope because he has removed much of that which was preventing me to find. That is a step in the right direction. We may not agree with all, but I can say from my years of experiences and every conceivable scam faced, that this site is one of the VERY RARE ones that can give you that honest chance to find a real woman!
    I wish BEST SUCCESS to all men here in their search for love! regards, Reggie Oglesby

  • Raymond Cooper

    would like to meet my future wife, and i dont know how to go to work,


    • keith

      Hi Raymond
      Great to hear from you.
      We would love to have you join us – and it is free
      Please tell me what troubles you are having and I would be happy to help you


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