War in Ukraine 2022 – Update May 9th 2022

March 23, 2022 at 5.15pm by in Online Dating

Today sees the 75th day of the Russian war on Ukraine; an operation that Putin estimated would take 2 – 3 days. He even had a parade through Kyiv arranged and had apparently made bookings at a Kyiv restaurant to celebrate.

May 9th is Victory Day in both Russia and Ukraine, commemorating the victory over the Nazi’s in World War 2. Despite the war situation within Ukraine, they will be celebrating the day and will not let the situation deny them.

Since our original update, the Ukrainian forces have defeated the Russian advance on Kiev and the war is now limited to the east and the south. Despite the atrocities committed by the Russian forces, Ukraine is defiant and, in some areas, is actually forcing the Russian army to retreat.

We are also determined to continue to operate and our service are provided 24/7 by our team, even though they are almost all relocated from their homes and even their country. Please contact them directly if you have any questions.

On February 24th Russia invaded Ukraine. Since then, the Ukrainian army has defended its cities against the much larger Russian army, military equipment and increasing bombardments. This has dominated world news and has seen most of the global population admire the determination of the Ukrainian people to stand up and fight for their freedom, their country, and their future.

This was epitomised by the words of Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy declining an offer from USA to evacuate him to a safe country and responding, “The war is here, I need ammunition, not a ride”. He is now seen as a true hero and global leader, not only by his own people, but the world.

We are based in Ukraine and are determined to continue to offer our services, despite the terrifying and appalling conditions facing the team.

We have received lots of questions from our members about whether we are still operating and what will happen with their developing relationships with their ladies. We will answer some of those questions here.

Are you still operating?

Yes. Our entire team is based in Ukraine, and we will not cede to the invasion by Russia. We have been working remotely from our homes during the Covid pandemic and we will continue to do so during this war.

Most of the ladies who are registered on the site have advised that they are still genuinely searching despite some being displaced from their homes and cities. It may be difficult for some ladies to have video chats at this time; however, you can book a video chat and the lady can advise if it is possible. We have removed all ladies who are unable to genuinely search at this time.

Our office is based in Nikolaev, which has become a major target for bombing and fierce defensive battles. All but two of the team have relocated to other European countries or to the west of Ukraine.

We pray for peace in Ukraine so that the team can return to their homes and families.

Are the team safe and well?

Currently, all the team are well and are working to provide continuous service. All but two have moved from Nikolaev and are temporarily based to the west of Ukraine or in other European countries. We are especially grateful to the people of Poland, Moldova, Romania, Italy, and Germany for opening their hearts and homes to provide a safe environment.

We would also like to thank all the volunteers who have stepped in to help.

These are unimaginable times of hardship and despair. The unity of the Ukraine people and their determination to win this war and return to an even better Ukraine is unprecedented.

Have you made any changes to the site or your services?

We have ceased all cooperation with ladies from Russia and Russian companies. There will be no ladies from Russia on Ukraine Brides Agency.

We have made no other changes to the site or our services. Our team is still working 24/7 and are available at any time to take your calls or help. The delivery of gifts may not be possible for some ladies.

Can we send you money to support a lady, or the Ukraine war effort?

We are not taking donations and we advise against sending money to ladies directly. There are many charitable organisations available to contact and donate and they are geared to ensure the donation is used where it is intended and needed most.

We recommend you contact a major global organisation such as Unicef or Save The Children. Do not send donations to charitable organisations who have suddenly appeared to offer their services; there are many scam organisations.

The Ukraine Government has also set up charities for specialised donations, such as medicines and supplies. These are https://help.gov.ua/en and https://ukraine-helpers.com/.

  • Aaron Turner

    Thank You for your professionalism.

    I appreciate UBA and I pray that all operations will resume 100% soon.

    I pray the War end soon also.

    • Keith

      Thank you Aaron,
      your prayers are very much welcomed
      The UBA Team

  • Vin Outhavong

    Thanks for the update. The people of Ukraine are amazing. I just recently got back to Texas from volunteering my services to help Ukraine refugees in Poland when the war started. Been there since beginning of March.

    I do want to send gift to this lady I been communicating for over a year and she is with her parents and brother in Kyiv. Didn’t see much and was wondering if its possible in the gift shop. Like a fruit basket I was looking at just so she could share it with her family as well. Or any other ideas I will take.

    • Keith

      Hello Vin
      Thank you for your comments. We are still able to deliver gifts to many of our ladies. Please contact our team for specific gift queries. They are available 24/7

  • Christopher

    Day after day in Australia, we see the horrible images of a free peaceful democratic people, going through living hell. Our thoughts, prayers are with you. Your President has addressed our Federal Parliament and his specific requests are being met – Australian Bushmaster vehicles, plus we are sending money and further aid.

    Prayers are great, but continued action from the world is required so this war is won, and Ukraine people go back to a peaceful life, albeit with enormous reconstruction required. God Bless you all. Chris (Australia).

    • Keith

      Thank you Chris
      The UBA Team


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