How to make your Ukrainian lady miss you

June 17, 2022 at 7.04am by in Dating advice
Ukrainian women

This blog post is for men who are tired of chasing after their ladies’ attention. When you know how to make her miss you, she will reflect on what she truly loves about you! 😉 You are welcome!

You are not a part of her fan club.

When Darren Hayes met his current partner, he realized that his partner wasn’t a part of his fan club because: 1) his partner wasn’t impressed with Darren’s music; 2) his partner already had a wildly successful career at that time.

Celebrities don’t date their fans; celebrities date their equals. 😊

Your girlfriend might be the star in your life; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean you must act like you are a part of her fan club. You need to even out the playing field.

That means you will stop forcing conversations. You don’t have to initiate every single conversation with your girlfriend. By that I mean it’s okay to send her messages every day; nonetheless, the issue is that it isn’t even reciprocated. You need to train your girlfriend properly so that she becomes someone who understands Law of Reciprocity.

Do you have your own goals in life?

Yes, getting/keeping a Ukrainian girlfriend is your goal. But apart from this goal, do you have other goals in life? A guy without goals is just like a ship with no destination. That is an unattractive quality.

Remember: setting some goals will surely give you a bigger purpose in life than merely waiting on a woman. Good goals will help you enter a flow state and move you towards a much better and more compelling future. When you work on your goals, you may not have as much spare time for your lady as you had before – that means she will quickly notice the ambitious goals you dedicate your precious time to – she will respect you more!

Getting closer to important goals will ignite a true passion in you. As a result, you are investing your time in your goals. Now your girlfriend starts to miss you because she becomes more attracted to this highly motivated version of you – a go-getter!

It’s time to level up!

When you better yourself, you feel better overall. For some men, this can be working on their grooming. For other men, this can be learning new skills. Here are some examples:

  1. Joining a class to learn something that you are curious about;
  2. Reading a book about self-confidence;
  3. Improving your diet;
  4. Hiring a personal trainer to achieve the fitness you desire;
  5. Consulting with a fashion stylist to upgrade your closet;
  6. Starting a business.

When your Ukrainian girlfriend sees these positive changes, she will love you even more.

  • Create the best memories.

Your lady can’t miss you if she has no fond memories of you to think about when you are not there.

So, you would be well-advised to select several exciting activities to do with her. Take her to a fun place for a holiday. Try some exotic food together in a new restaurant.

By the way, you don’t need to be readily available at all times. Note that if your lady is going through a major crisis, yes, you should certainly be there for her. But if she just needs a nap, you obviously don’t need to be there! When you are not readily available for very silly scenarios and save your time/availability for the times that really matter, she likes you more!

Yes, when you give her some time and space to learn that you aren’t readily available all the time, she will start to see you in a very different light and wants to strive for your attention as a result. Congratulations!

“Here is how to make your Ukrainian girlfriend miss you – do you love this guide?”

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