How to overcome difficulties in modern dating and relationships

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Dating in modern-day society has become quite complicated due to various factors that will be discussed in this article. Now let me show you some main problems with dating and relationships these days and relevant solutions.

Many men don’t proactively chase women anymore.

This has made dating so hard – men don’t pursue women proactively nowadays. Further examination reveals that living in the “me too” era makes men unwilling to chase women because men don’t want to look sleazy.

It is reported that men who approached women in shopping malls in Toronto have been removed from those malls by the police.

It is also reported that men who approached women in public places in Melbourne have been criticized heavily on the Internet by mainstream media.

Women aren’t supposed to chase men; men are told not to chase women. No wonder dating and relationships have become so hard now.

No one wants to look sleazy. But when there is attraction, there is no sleaziness.

Therefore, it is men’s responsibility to build massive attraction between men and women. Then dating will be much easier – when women are attracted to men already, doing the chase is a piece of cake.

The real reason behind the high divorce rate may surprise you.

Many years ago, divorce was rare. At that time, women didn’t have jobs. Basically, a woman’s marriage was her job – her husband was the only breadwinner of the family.

As women are working these days, it’s less likely for women to depend on marriage, so a lot of women would easily consider getting a divorce when something isn’t right in the marriage.

In other words, when women are making money, it’s less necessary for women to get married now.

I know this isn’t the prettiest topic in the world, but it’s the raw truth.

My grandmother would never consider getting a divorce because she was illiterate and she had to stay married.

By contrast, lots of modern women see dating and relationships as entertainment because they don’t really need relationships or marriages.

I know a 40-year-old woman who has just married a 22-year-old man. When I asked her, “Are you sure he will want to be with you when you are in your 50s and 60s?”, her answer was: “I don’t care whether he will still like me when I’m in my 50s or 60s – As long as he can be happily married to me for ten years, that’s good enough – it’s totally worth it!”

I really admire her attitude toward dating and relationships. This mature woman wasn’t looking for a senior dating site. Instead, she just wants to enjoy romantic love with a good-looking young man because she is rich and doesn’t need men.

Yes, rich women want men; they don’t need men.

By the way, after women have joined the workforce, several things have happened:

First of all, the cost of labor force has become lower because both men and women are working now. In this way, the elite have become richer as a result. In the meantime, employees get less pay. For instance, my grandfather’s pay was enough to support the entire family at that time, but nowadays most households can’t survive with one income.

In the second place, marriages are less stable now as the divorce rate is getting higher and higher – women don’t rely on marriages anymore because these days women have jobs, too. When a country doesn’t have strong families, it’s easier for the elite to control people in a country.

Lastly, dating and relationships have become much harder because women are biologically programmed to date up, but when women are becoming financially successful, how many richer men can they date? Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s totally necessary for women to get jobs. Nonetheless, let’s stop ignoring the main issues in dating and relationships in this day and age.

How to become a successful man:

There is something that winners have in common – they share similar habits. According to my observation and research, these are the three most important habits that very successful people have.

Health is their top priority. Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of a multi-billion-dollar company. He goes to bed before 9pm every night and has never used an alarm clock for more than one decade. Sleep is his No. 1 priority – he says that’s the reason why he is very productive and successful. Kate Northrup, a 7-figure business owner, goes to bed before 9pm every night as well. Her motto is “Body first; business second.”

A successful person juggles 24 balls at the same time and allows 9 balls to drop, while everyone else only holds 1 ball. Almost every multimillionaire that I know has multiple income streams. For instance, Gary Vaynerchuk makes money from his company, sells books and gets paid via public speaking. Another example is Roosh V who sells books, makes money from affiliate marketing and runs ads on his websites.

We live in an era when tremendous productivity is required because the competition is increasingly stiff no matter which industry we are in. Therefore, it is paramount to get things done and avoid burnout.

Multitask in the right way. By that I mean when you go to the gym or you are on your way to work, you can listen to a podcast or an audio book. I even go to work by bus every day in order to work for extra 45 minutes in the morning and extra 45 minutes in the afternoon (I bring my laptop with me every day) – that’s 7.5 extra hours for me to work on the bus every week.

Use magnesium oil spray. This method is recommended by health and nutrition expert Shawn Stevenson who has been using topical magnesium products for many years. It works wonders because this natural spray not only cures insomnia, but also alleviates anxiety. Most people lack magnesium nowadays because every time when we check emails at work, we are losing magnesium – this can lead to anxiety and stress. Using topical magnesium oil spray is an effective way to increase our productivity at work and improve our health & wellbeing.

Take a break every 50 minutes. If you are working really hard for a project, you’d better take a 10-minute break regularly, e.g. take a 10-minute break after working for 50 minutes. Without taking breaks, your productivity will decrease as time goes by. When I say “take a 10-minute break”, I mean actually leaving your desk and doing something else such as eating a healthy snack.

“Once you’ve become a successful and confident man, dating is going to be easier for you because your confidence is usually backed up by competence. That is the prerequisite of finding true love and building a genuine connection with a Ukrainian lady if you choose to join an international dating site like Ukraine Brides Agency – we help western men and Eastern European women to connect with each other and create long-term, sustainable relationships. Dating begins online; relationships start in real life.”

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