How to prepare for a first date with an Eastern European lady

May 22, 2020 at 7.22am by in Slavic Women
Eastern European bride

My principle is “Do what you can do & make peace with the rest” when it comes to preparing for a first date with a woman from Eastern Europe.😊

Before going out for a date with an Eastern European woman, you can read a book.

Reading has some calming effect, in my opinion. Also, it gives you a wealth of interesting ideas to talk about on a date. An outstanding conversationalist is definitely charming. I would recommend these books: Tyler Powers’ How to Talk to Women, Leil Lowndes’s How to Talk to Anyone and Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. Obviously, the techniques in these books will help you become a more effective dater because they teach you communication skills!

By the way, please do not wear a new outfit on the 1st date with a woman. Some men would even go shopping and buy some new shoes & clothes in order to prepare for the first date. But the issue is if you wear a pair of new shoes and a new shirt on the first date, perhaps you’re uncomfortable in this new outfit. Chances are the shirt is a bit tight and the shoes don’t fit. Therefore, you shouldn’t wear something totally new on this occasion. Instead, you would be well-advised to wear something that makes you look natural and feel great. That being said, if you have nothing cool in the wardrobe, you probably have to go shopping 1 week before the date so that you will be able to get used to the new outfit in time.

Have a flirting exercise before the date.

On the first date with an Eastern European woman, you are supposed to be in a flirtatious mode, right? Actually, before you go to meet her, you can practice your flirting skills by yourself – with a neighbor, a waitress, a co-worker, etc. After doing some deliberate practice, you will surely become an attractive guy on the first date!

When you meet your lady on the date, please don’t be too uptight. You can give her a hug so that you are able to build a rapport fast.

If you are nervous on the first date, you can ask yourself, “Do I like her?” instead of wondering “Does she like me?”

That is to say, you would be ill-advised to put an Eastern European lady on a pedestal as she has not even proved herself yet. As a result, you need to see whether you like her or not first. You are the most important person in the universe, and you are supposed to give this lady an opportunity to prove herself to you. She is supposed to impress you, okay?

Now with this mindset, you will not be nervous or anxious anymore! Isn’t this liberating and empowering?!

What do Eastern European brides look for in men?

First, brides from Eastern Europe prefer real gentlemen. Let me explain.

Many ladies in western countries truly believe in feminism. Consequently, they do not want men to open the car door for them. They do not want men to pull the chair for them. They do not really need men. By contrast, ladies from Eastern Europe are so different as they want gentlemen to look after them. Therefore, when you date an Eastern European girlfriend, you need to demonstrate that you are a real gentleman who understands how to take care of an elegant lady.

Second, Eastern European brides prefer stable marriages.

Most women from Eastern Europe want to have long-term relationships and sustainable marriages instead of short-term casual relationships. As a result, if you are keen to find a fling, our website isn’t the right site for you. Please note that Ukraine Brides Agency is all about helping men to meet Eastern European ladies for serious relationships only. So, if you are looking for a stable and meaningful relationship, this website is for you!

Lastly, Eastern European ladies prefer respectful guys. That’s because they naturally respect men, and they expect their men to respect them as well. Note that there is a difference between liking somebody and respecting somebody. If you do not even respect a woman, this relationship won’t last. End of story.

An Eastern European bride will call you out immediately if you do not respect her. Period.

Clearly, when you choose an Eastern European woman, you can have a traditional relationship which is characterized by a real connection. Men who are sick & tired of dating western ladies that tend to play mind games with men, laugh at men and manipulate men should totally try an international dating site. Indeed, women from Eastern Europe are not thinking about feminism at all. As a result, you are able to enjoy a satisfying and happy relationship with a genuine and elegant woman.

If you are married to an Eastern European wife, she will take care of you. Yes, women from Russia and Ukraine think it’s their job to make their husbands satisfied and happy. Therefore, if you marry a Russian or Ukrainian bride, she will spoil you. She will do all the household chores, cook for you and treat you like the king in the house. She might give you a massage when you are eating a chocolate cake & watching YouTube videos on the sofa. I know this sounds surreal, but it can happen if you are married to a Ukrainian or Russian wife.

Apart from that, your Russian / Ukrainian wife will treat your family very well, too. Unlike western ladies who tend to feel very entitled and cannot take criticism very well, women from Eastern European countries would listen to men’s advice and respect their husbands’ family members as well. That’s because your family members are also very important to her, so she will make these people happy, too. Hence, if your family members are very important to you, you should totally marry a bride from an Eastern European country.

By contrast, a western woman may even think her husband’s mom is literally her monster-in-law.

Moreover, a typical Russian or Ukrainian wife will look very good and make her husband look great when they go out together. That’s because women from Eastern European countries understand how to look after themselves. They always dress well and wear makeup. They go to the gym and keep fit because they do not want to be obese. So, when you go out with an Eastern European girlfriend, you will enjoy this experience as she will look perfect, therefore making you look really good! Just imagine going to a dinner party with an attractive lady who wears a purple evening dress and silver high heels with her beautiful hair up! Well, other men will certainly be very jealous of you, won’t they? Oh, please do not let other guys steal your lady from you! 😉

“If your lady is so beautiful that she gets a lot of male attention whenever you go out with her, can you handle this?”

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