How to Find the Right Ukraine Bride among So Many Candidates

Ukraine brides

Yes, you are able to interact with a lot of Eastern European women when you are using a Ukrainian dating site. But how can you find the right Ukrainian bride for yourself when there are so many options?

Be analytical before you meet Ukrainian women.

Men and women are equally emotional when they are in love. Having said that, before you fall in love, there is something that you should do: You’d better be analytical. Let me explain.

The ugly truth is most couples break up for reasons which were already obvious to them before their relationship became serious. Remember: people aren’t good at hiding who they really are. That means probably the woman who you broke your heart actually showed you who she really is before you decided to start an official relationship with her. But because she is too attractive, you chose to ignore those red flags from the beginning.

Some people even say, “Things will be fine after we get married” – they use marriage to fix their problems. But unfortunately, marriage will only magnify their existing problems.

Therefore, I highly recommend this strategy to you: Write down a list of approximately 5 non-negotiables that your ideal Ukrainian bride must have. Note that these 5 non-negotiables can’t be all about her looks.

Here is an example:

  1. She must be kind.
  2. She must be honest.
  3. She must be smart.
  4. She must come from a good family.
  5. She must be elegant.

Having a fling is very, very different from marrying someone because marriage should be a logical decision (and not just emotional).

Once you’ve clarified what you are looking for in a Ukrainian bride, you have standards. Now you won’t make stupid mistakes because of loneliness or desperation. Instead, you will know exactly who you want.

Even when you meet someone wrong, you won’t fall madly in love with her because you know what your standards are. In this way, you can protect yourself well.

When you interact with Ukrainian women, you will look more attractive because instead of thinking, “Does she like me?”, you are actually thinking, “Does she meet my standards?”

Because you are subconsciously showing that you have certain criteria, you will choose a high-value Ukrainian bride with high standards.

As a matter of fact, this strategy can be used in other situations as well – no matter you are looking for new friends or business partners, you can write down a list of non-negotiables first.

You will possibly need to meet more than one woman in order to find the right Ukrainian bride.

It’s perfectly normal for you to meet more than one ladybefore finding the right woman. Most people don’t find the right partner immediately. And that’s okay.Patience is key.

Talking to different candidatesis an effective way to filter women so that you will find the right bride for yourself. Now here are some tips for the first date:

  1. Have an external focus. By that I mean the first date doesn’t have to be two people sitting in a coffeehouse – that looks like a job interview. Therefore, you may want to take the Ukrainian ladyto an art gallery or a wine-tasting event, so that you will have some interesting activities to do together.
  2. The first date shouldn’t be too long. Ideally,the first date should be no more than 60 minutes because if things go right, you can always have a second date & if things go wrong, you can leave soon.

Even if you have to meet several womenbefore finding the one, it’s not a problem. Not every relationship is supposed to work out in the end.

When you were learning cooking, you didn’t give up after cooking several bad meals. You still figured it out later on.

Similarly, when you are dating, it’s fine if it takes some time to meet the right woman. Even if the first 4 or 5 candidates don’t meet your standards, they have taught you something in the dating department. At least, you have practiced your dating skills. These experiences are preparing you for meeting the one.

Yes, you want to attract a high-value Ukrainian bride, but are you an attractive guy?

Never stop working on yourself. Non-stop self-improvement is a must if you’d like to be a successful and attractive guy.

After observing many attractive men over the years, I’ve discovered that these men have something in common:

  1. They show confidence in themselves, their beliefs and their opinions. Having an opinion is sexy.
  2. They present themselves as high-value guys. They respect themselves by wearing high-quality clothes because the first impression is very lasting & there is only one chance to display the correct first impression. That instantly teaches people how they should be treated. In other words, “This is how I treat myself, so you should also treat me with respect.”
  3. They let people know that they have high standards.
  4. They don’t hide their desire; they are very honest people.
  5. They are relaxed &playful and know how to flirt with women.

Now it’s time to deconstruct these techniques so that you will understand how you can become an attractive guy as well.

First of all, try to avoid tentative language. Always use certain language whenever you can. Use “it seems that”, “could”, “can”, “would”, “may” and “might” less often.

Second, dress well. In western countries, most people don’t care about fashion. But in Ukraine, fashion is an important part of life, so your bride from Ukrainewill expect you to dress well, too.

Then, don’t accept people too soon. You need to evaluate whether someone meets your standards before you validate and accept them. Don’t forget your non-negotiables.

Next, when you meet a woman from Ukraine, you should let her know that it’s a man-to-woman interaction immediately. Otherwise, she would wonder, “What exactly does this guy want?”

Last but not least, playful behavior can increase the chemistry between you and your Ukrainian girlfriend so that the Chemistry between you two will have a capital C.

By the way, the most powerful dating tool is intense eye contact. You should look at her left eye, and then look at her right eye. In this way, you will accelerate the chemistry further. Then you give her a slight smile which indicates “I like you”.

Then you will see whether this Ukrainian ladyreciprocates or not. If she also gives you intense eye contact and smiles, you know it’s on. Congratulations! You’ve honed your dating skills. From now on, you just need to reinforce what you’ve learned and keep going and working on yourself. Then you will find true love in record time and stay in love forever. Don’t forget to let us know when you are getting married!

“Fortune favors the brave. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Successful men live a high-risk, high-reward lifestyle. Are you ready to join the successful men’s club?”

  • Aijazz

    Wow! Is this a research paper on visual cortex dynamics between oestrogen & testosterone? I am simply looking for the lady who can be friends with my daughter who loves me more than Our Father who art in Heaven. Period.


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