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Tom Bilyeu once said, “Carol Dweck’s book Mindset is the single most important book in the world.” In this book, Carol argues that there are 2 mindsets: a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. Those who have a fixed mindset tend to believe that they cannot improve themselves, whilst those who have a growth mindset believe that they surely can keep improving. Interestingly, this philosophy applies to work, life and love.

The importance of the growth mindset:

Because of COVID-19, many singles are challenged in a variety of ways because dating has become harder now. Further analysis shows that men who have a fixed mindset usually lack a sense of urgency, so they are waiting for something good to happen. By contrast, men who have a growth mindset know that they must create opportunities. That is to say, these men fundamentally understand that in life and in love, you either wait or create.

Hence, motivated men have joined international dating websites to transform their love lives. They are meeting Eastern European women online. As a result, their love lives will not only survive, but also thrive during COVID-19. Their future is compelling. 😊

A sense of urgency:

My mentor once said, “Those who were born in good families in our society oftentimes had a very nice upbringing; thus, they live a very comfortable life. Unfortunately, that’s why they lack a sense of urgency. In contrast, people who experienced tremendous adversity early in life have a sense of urgency, so they are keen to improve themselves proactively. Small wonder I see a lot of immigrants in the United States who have become high achievers – they totally know how difficult it was to move countries and build a new life in this country. Therefore, they have a strong sense of urgency & have become very successful business owners.”

Indeed, it is clear that adversity creates a strong sense of urgency and helps a person to succeed in business and in life. And it also indicates that the pandemic is able to make many people find highly creative ways to succeed in international dating in spite of COVID-19.

Ukraine Brides Agency offers an online video and audio chat feature so that men and Eastern European women can connect with each other in an authentic manner. Also, there is an automatic translation feature to facilitate meaningful communication on our website. What’s more, in our database ladies from Eastern Europe are learning English every single day so they can communicate with men more effectively.

How to know whether she loves you:

First of all, if she never talks about other men, chances are she really likes you.

Look, it’s not normal if a single lady doesn’t mention other men at all while communicating with you. In truth, if she is a single lady, she would keep thinking about men most of the time. So, if she doesn’t talk about other men in front of you at all, it usually means she thinks you are quite different from other guys – she likes you.

Second, she looks a bit nervous around you – that means she is attracted to you.

Women need some encouragement from men in terms of dating. As she doesn’t know if you like her or not, the uncertainty makes her act a bit nervously when she is with you.

Third, she implies that you and her are a couple – she likes you.

Whenever she jokes about you and her ending up together, it probably means she is trying to test your reaction: she wants to know how you’d react if she would like to make this relationship official.

Furthermore, she pays attention to everything you say – she is in love with you.

If an Eastern European woman cares about you and likes you, she will pay fullest attention to whatever you say. She will clearly remember each conversation as she can’t stop thinking of the communication with you. As a result, if she obviously remembers every detail that you said, it surely means she loves you.

“An Eastern European woman who is genuinely interested in you would not hide you from her friends and family. She will mention you to her friends and family and ask for these individuals’ opinions!”

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