How to tell whether a Ukrainian woman likes you

Russian woman

Keen on a beautiful and elegant Ukrainian lady? Well, there are many ways to find out whether she likes you or not. 😉

Does she re-initiate the conversation?

First of all, I’d like to point out that it’s your responsibility to start a conversation with a Ukrainian woman. Meanwhile, what I’m saying right now is if a Ukrainian lady re-initiates the conversation after the previous conversation already ended, that indicates her interest in you in a big way.

Unlike western women who may play mind games with men or play hard to get in dating and relationships, women from Ukraine are very different – they are very honest with men. If they like you, you would know it! Isn’t that wonderful?!

So, if she asks for your advice or help, that usually means she wants you to be her hero! The best way for women to re-initiate conversations with men is to ask men for help, as women naturally know that men want to be protective! 😊

Does she get close to you?

Let’s say you are at a party where there are lots of people. If a woman from Russia in this room likes you, you will know it by observing the physical distance. That means proximity tells you whether she likes you or not! For example, she can sit anywhere in this room, but she has chosen to sit next to you on the couch. That is a huge indicator of interest. Also, if she often walks near you, chances are she just wants to get your attention! Another sign is when she stands near you and overhears your conversation with someone else!

If you are already dating her….

Let’s say you are dating a Ukrainian woman already. Now your question could be “Does she truly love me?”

Well, there are various ways to test how much she loves you! 😉

First and foremost, if she truly loves you, she would appreciate you in every way. Note that appreciation is even more powerful than gratitude. That means when someone is grateful to you, this implies that you’ve done something good for them, so they want to thank you. In contrast, when someone appreciates you, it means they genuinely like you no matter you’ve contributed to their life or not.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you shouldn’t contribute to her life. In fact, I would argue that you are supposed to add value to her life. But truthfully, the real principle is to invest and test. Please let me explain.

After investing in this relationship, you have to observe her response. Does she reciprocate? More importantly, does she reciprocate willingly?

Here is an example: Natalie and Jack are in a dating situation. After Jack helped Natalie find a decent job successfully, Natalie started to cook dinner for Jack every single night. She does that because she genuinely wants to make Jack’s life better as well.

In the second place, your intuition already knows whether she truly loves you or not. Here is why: If you always question whether she loves you or not, that means your intuition is telling you that she does not love you. Period.

In truth, love is a very strong and powerful emotion, so if she loves you, you would certainly know it. If you don’t know it, that oftentimes means she doesn’t love you. In modern-day society, most people tend to ignore the power of their intuition, so when someone’s intuition tells them the truth, they may choose to ignore it. This is sad but true in many cases.

Thus, now you can let your intuition speak to you: Can you feel her love? When you think about your Ukrainian lady, is your body filled with love? Don’t underestimate the wisdom of your body. As a matter of fact, when your body feels expansion while thinking about something, it’s a positive signal. By contrast, when your body feels contraction while thinking of something, it’s a negative signal. You don’t really need further evidence to prove what your intuition tells you because your intuition is always right. Don’t talk yourself out of it! If you don’t believe your body’s wisdom, you can do an experiment now. Let’s say your name is Jon. Now you say this to yourself, “My name is Jon.” In this moment, your body feels relaxed. But if you say this to yourself, “My name is Alex.” In this moment, your body feels some kind of contraction rather than expansion, right? That is the wisdom of your body!

“Love is an intense emotion that you can feel physically, mentally and emotionally.”

  • Ken

    Hi ladies! I’m a 65-year old American man, now , sadly twice divorced. One could certainly suggest that on that basis alone, i.e. failure rate, that anything I have to say regarding intimacy in relationships between men and women wouldn’t be worth much, just ask my two ex-es!! Not having taken French, and never having SEEN the phrase, only heard it SPOKEN, I’ll use a play on words to express myself and still be able to spell it right – “Say, Lovie!! Let’s go!!”

    In my significant and painful experience, I can assure you that what a man TRULY wants in his wife, and from his wife, is NOT love. That’s right, it doesn’t really matter how much she “loves” him. He doesn’t NEED that gift. What he DOES need, and DESPERATELY SO, is her RESPECT. When a man starts getting disrespect from his wife, you’d best be fervently praying for a miracle, because the two front tires of the bus are already over the edge of the cliff and it still has forward momentum.

    But don’t take my tarnished word for it. Check out my source. Dr. Emerson Eggerichs and his book “Love and Respect.” I can vouch for what he writes about it though. I painfully watched the whole bus accident in super-slow motion from INSIDE the bus in my second marriage, confirming as it went, it was EXACTLY as Dr. Eggerichs had written. But nothing we did could stop it.

    Back to THIS moment, Thank you and God Bless you ladies for and in what you do. I’m having the time of my life getting to know one of your CAPTIVATING member ladies!


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