How to be more attractive when you’re dating a Ukrainian woman

dating a Ukrainian lady

Obviously, most men understand that they become likable when they know how to give compliments to women. But in reality, this secret sauce is more than that.

  • Tell women what you like about them.

There are several ways to pay a compliment correctly. First of all, you may pay a Ukrainian woman a second-hand compliment – When you visit our office in Ukraine, you can tell us that a certain Ukrainian lady that we’ve introduced to you is great, and then we will be able to say this to her, “Anthony speaks highly of you.” Second-hand compliments are usually very powerful because a third-party review is hard to fake. Next, you can pay her an introductory compliment – When you take your Ukrainian girlfriend to a party, you can say this to your friends, “This is Olga. Olga is an amazing lady who is very passionate about literature.” In this way, you are showing her character traits, i.e. something that only she has. In this case, you may also consider mentioning something rare about her, “Here is Olga. Olga has got great taste when it comes to literature – she is an avid reader.”

Of course, you will benefit from the dead-pan way, i.e., imbedding a compliment in a long talk. For instance, when you are on a date with your Ukrainian woman, you can talk about the books that you’ve read, and then you say, “Incidentally, I like you because you are similar to the lady from Girl with a Pearl Earring – so pure and innocent.” I’m pretty sure your lady from Ukraine will want to read that book as well because she becomes curious about your rich inner world now.

  • How to be actually interesting:

In order to be interesting, you need to be interested in others in the first place. Remember to maintain eye contact while listening to your Ukrainian lady. Don’t look away because of distraction. In this way, you will make her feel interesting. When she shares her hopes and dreams with you, you must believe in her hopes and dreams with her.

A useful question that you can ask yourself is, “How can I find this person interesting?” It’s about your ability to discover her inner beauty over time. This is a bit like deciding you like someone – you should see the best in her. Liking someone is the quickest way to be liked.

Apart from that, humility is also very important. You can choose to be genuinely humble (downplay) or to be playfully humble. In other words, if you mess up, it can actually make you more likeable at times – when the situation is slightly embarrassing, it’s all about being human.

Moreover, being genuine will also make you a likeable man. Remember to say what you believe by using these phrases: “The truth is…” and “To be honest, …”

When you meet a Ukrainian lady for the first time and it’s time to end the date at its peak, she probably doesn’t want you to walk her home, so no matter how playful you have been on this date, you can ask her, “Seriously, do you know how to go home from here?” And then you can become playful again after this question. This will make you look interesting instantly.

Ukrainian women
  • Build instant emotional strength.

In human interactions, you need to be willing to get hit! When someone throws a curveball at you, your reaction to them matters. No matter what, don’t lose your frame. If a person gives you a negative reaction, you would be well-advised to understand that their reaction is determined by three factors: 1) their history; 2) their current mood; 3) you. In the dynamics, their history is the most important factor. Your frame can override their current mood. A sustained frame can override history. Therefore, all the stuff that you’re worried about doesn’t even matter.

Your counter-reaction is the most important part of an interaction, so don’t worry about people’s reactions; you should think about what you do next.

“Keep offering value at the beginning stage of a relationship. You can invite her somewhere cool or send her a website/video/contact that could help her.”

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