How to build your competence and date a Slavic woman

Slavic women

Many men use “not in the state” as an excuse for not being able to date the woman they like – they say things like, “I’m not in the zone, so I won’t talk to women this week.” Or “I’m not in state, so I don’t want to approach women right now.” Frankly, if your best results when you are in state are significantly better than your best results when you are certainly not in state, that means you have to improve your dating skills, thereby bringing the baseline up a bit! I think state is simply an amplification of yourself, yet you just cannot amplify something you never have in the first place. Therefore, my advice is to work on your dating skills no matter you are in state or not. When you have better dating skills, your worst performance when you are not in state will also improve a lot. If you are keen to date a Slavic woman, please pay more attention to your behavior and make giving positive experiences on every date a standard habit. I would argue that when you focus on taking the effective actions that you already know will give you results, state becomes the side-effect of the right actions.

  • What is “state”?

State refers to the headspace of being focused and motivated, so you can’t be distracted easily. Just like your breath, state is actually an involuntary function. In other words, you are able to control it through your actions indirectly; however, you can’t directly control it. You probably can’t breathe faster by thinking of it; nevertheless, you can run 5km. As I see it, state happens when you aren’t self-conscious. Ironically, when you try to figure out how not to be self-conscious, that’s the most self-conscious thing in the world!

In dating & relationships, the more you are stuck in your head, the more “out of zone” you’ll feel.

Slavic women
  • How to get into state:

Because state is obviously an unconscious result, you can’t force it. Instead, you’d better take the correct actions which will actually get you the results you desire. Interestingly, those actions will probably put you in state!

The more you worry about state, the further away you will be from staying in state, because when you assume performing a certain action will possibly get you into state, you are still in your head. What’s more, trying to check whether or not you are in state and monitoring your mind will also keep you stuck in your head. My suggestion is not to chase state – you have to allow it to come to you! This is fun and it’s also the right thing for modern men to do if they are interested in dating Slavic women.

Ideally, you need to upgrade your physiology. That means you can literally take on the behavior of a guy who is in state. That is to say, through performing the behavior of a very confident guy, you will enter a state of solid confidence as well. Now I’d like you to stand in front of a mirror and do this exercise – smile, wink and smirk for 2 minutes: When you smile, you feel a bit happier. When you wink, you become more confident. When you smirk, you demonstrate more attractive behavior. Sometimes you are just not that happy, but you can fake a smile – just do it for its own sake, for upgrading your physiology improves your dating skills. You are not in state if you are still wondering whether or not you are in state. 

  • Slavic women want high-value men.

High-value men are those who act despite challenges and fear, lead with full confidence, take calculated risks and offer comfort. Slavic ladies want to date men who have the real courage to start conversations. If you can approach a woman confidently, that means you were in social situations previously and have had success – that’s social proof!

Women want men who are able to lead an interaction confidently because women want to see if you can do that or not. 

“Now is the right time to put in some work and become an attractive guy (not after you’ve already met your Slavic lady)!”

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