How to connect with Ukrainian ladies

October 27, 2021 at 1.57pm by in Online Dating
Ukrainian women

Calm and confident men are cool. What’s their secret? Let’s find it out today. 😉

  • When you are on a date with a Ukrainian lady….

Please make eye contact with her. This isn’t the easiest thing in the world when you are so attracted to her. Yet not making eye contact is defensive and it can be misinterpreted or misunderstood. The lady may think you are secretive if you avoid eye contact. Therefore, please remember to make eye contact with her when you are on a date!

Nevertheless, if you are in a group at a party, make sure that you look at everybody. Avoid focusing on one person too much in this case.

Next, please don’t stare – that’s just rude and creepy.

What’s more, your body language should be open and relaxed. Don’t cross your arms or let your bag stand between you and the lady. Just keep the drinks down by your side and relax. Otherwise, barriers between two people only creates obvious social discomfort.

Also, it’s important to remain still. Don’t express your ideas and opinions too quickly when she is talking.

Lastly, please keep upright because healthy posture helps you to build confidence. I know this is external confidence. But please don’t underestimate the power of external confidence – when external confidence is solid, it can improve internal confidence. If you don’t believe it, just try wearing the best outfit in your closet. How do you feel inside? Well, if you don’t have nice clothes to wear, it’s time to go shopping because you deserve good clothes. Best-selling author Brian Tracy says everyone would be well-advised to double their budget and buy much less, e.g., if you only buy items that are under $100 per item, you should buy items that cost less than $200 per item from now on (but buy less). In this way, you actually spend the same amount of money, yet both your external confidence and internal confidence can be boosted quickly!

A friend of mine works for Snooze, a furniture shop in Australia. He wears uniform every day at work, so clothing is something easy in his life. His uniform is paid by his employer anyway. Obviously, he buys less clothes because of that, but when he is not working, he dresses really well, which has helped him with his dating life.

Where were we? Oh, yes, we were talking about posture on a date. When you are on a date, do not lean into the woman. You would be well-advised to lean back so that you can look cool and alpha.

This is a non-verbal gesture which will make you more confident as a result.

  • How to connect with a Ukrainian lady when you have a secret that no one knows:

A male friend asked for my help, “Truthfully, I carry around a major secret that I don’t want to share with others. For several times, I started dating someone and felt like I was not really honest with her. Please help me.”

I won’t reveal his name or his secret, but I’d like to talk about how to handle situations like this so that more people can benefit from this blog post.

Let’s say you are struggling with mental health issues currently during the pandemic and still date successfully & have an amazing career. This means you must be a great go-getter. You are proactive because you take action to improve yourself. This is so inspiring.

Every time I revealed a secret, I worried about how other people would react to what I said as well. However, according to my experience, most individuals only gave me positive responses.

Further research shows that when you phrase a secret as a positive, it will be a positive. For instance, if you struggle with anxiety and you think you probably need to tell your new partner about it, you can say this to her, “To be honest with you, I’ve been struggling with anxiety for some time since the beginning of the pandemic. I think I should tell you about it because I highly value honesty in a relationship.” Now what you are saying suggests that you are a very honest person, so this is a positive!

  • You can choose how you feel about things.

In truth, shame is an emotion that you give to yourself because no one can make you feel shame except you.

Authenticity is the foundation for a good relationship with a Ukrainian lady. If you are genuine and honest from the start, she will decide if you’re the right person or not fast. Honesty also helps everyone prepare for the future: You need to avoid unexpected behavior in a relationship.

If you struggle with depression recently, you can say this to her, “Recently I’ve been feeling a bit depressed. I have to remind you that if I’m down, there is nothing to worry about. I’m trying my best to improve the situation.”

Being proactive helps you phrase the problem as a positive. Meanwhile, you can show your lady how she is able to help you improve the situation. Because when she knows that she can help you, she will feel more connected to you.

“Ukrainian ladies appreciate honesty.”

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  • Abnashi

    Thank you for this article

  • Helmholtz

    I write this as an invitation to convince me otherwise, and also as a virtual suggestion box, but I have decided to discontinue my use of your site. I have read numerous blog entries and forum posts detailing experiences similar to my own, and Keith’s many refutations of the suspicions they contain. It is one particular experience that has led me to the conclusion that use of this site is a fool’s errand.
    Western dating sites are a collection of heavily curated profiles, that users plumb to make a date. You meet quickly, as is necessary to gauge the opportunity cost of continued involvement. It doesn’t work because of the curation…who you meet is a glorified depiction that inevitably leads to disappointment. Such is the nature of social media. This has been distilled to the Tinders of the world. Not a viable platform for the more old-fashioned amongst us. UBA has flipped this on it’s head. Users communicate endlessly with women to what purpose I do not know. Of course, it is monetized through fees. The opportunity cost becomes very high.
    I think this inevitably leads to disillusioned users. The front end is loaded with cost, which is a great way to monetize a resource (access to a population of women looking for mates), or an indelicate system of separating fools from their money. Due to the opaqueness of the process, it is impossible to tell which.
    The straw that broke the camel’s back for me, was one particular exchange that went as follows. One of the first women to contact me after I registered appeared to become quickly attached. She appeared to be a charming, intelligent, interesting person from what is discernible from such a disembodied medium. She wished to chat every day, and became upset when we did not chat one day out of a month. She told of how she met a man on the site, and after communicating for several months and being extended an invitation to visit her, he abruptly disappeared. She surmised that he had met another woman. “There are many beautiful women on this site”, she said. In our last chat, my credits were running low, so I made a payment through my phone. She asked, “Where are you?” due to my absence. I explained the situation, and she said she understood, so it was clear to me that she was aware our communications are not free.. Later I suggested that she could not know her previous interest stopped communicating with her because he met someone else. “Perhaps he just ran out of money?” I said. She replied that she knew nothing about it and abruptly ended our chat. This is not how a real conversation in the real world would unfold. A denial presumes guilt by its nature, either accepted or refused.
    I am not a unintelligent man. I am a successful professional, and experienced in more things than most. The idea of a population of intelligent, well educated, independent, and virtuous women looking outside the borders of their country for potential mates is a good sell to western men disinterested in the materialistic and venal nature of their countrymen. It, however, naturally invites suspicion, as it should to anyone who values critical thought.
    I hope such a thing exists, as it appeals to my romantic nature, but I require convincing, especially in the face of evidence to the contrary. If my intuition is correct, I congratulate you on separating this fool from some of his money. If I am not, I implore you to do better connecting fine men and women from different hemispheres in the pursuit of humanity’s better nature. If this is your aim, it is a noble one, and you must do better!
    I will write this woman a letter, because in the unlikely event that she is a real and well intentioned person, It would pain me greatly to just disappear. I respectfully suggest you also prioritize the well being of your users and members, as their lives are far more important than the accumulation of any fees their interactions impart upon you. If it is a farce, the peace of mind will only cost me $4.

    • Keith

      Tracey, thank you for your comments. We are sorry that you feel this way and may have had a negative experience. If you feel that a lady is less than genuine, please contact us so that we can investigate for you. The team can be contacted at [email protected]


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