How to decide if you should go on a 2nd date with an Eastern European woman

July 23, 2021 at 9.52am by in Dating advice
Eastern European women

The 1st date is important as it gives you sufficient information which tells you if you should go on a second date with this person. I’d like to share 3 principles with you. Hopefully you will find some inspiration from this blog post. 😉

  • Does she treat the waiter or waitress politely on the 1st date?

If the 1st date eventuated in a restaurant or a café, you can use this principle: You only go on a 2nd date with her if she treats the waiter or waitress in a polite manner on the 1st date. Please let me explain.

At the beginning of a romantic relationship, everybody is obviously on their best behavior. If this woman treats the waiter or waitress indifferently or rudely on the 1st date, she won’t treat you very well in the future. Period.

She doesn’t have to impress the waiter or waitress, so her attitude towards the waiter or waitress is her real attitude.

Of course, most Eastern European women are very polite because they respect people genuinely. That’s exactly why these days so many western men prefer Eastern European ladies – they don’t want to date western women anymore because a lot of western women are so entitled in today’s day and age.

Also, because women from Eastern Europe have traditional values, they respect their husbands authentically. This is important for a family. 😊

  • Do you feel excited or anxious?

Modern medicine claims that excitement and anxiety come from the same area of the human brain. In contemporary society, a lot of individuals do not trust their intuition because they are too analytical. Sad but true.

Yet your intuition is always right. Full stop.

If you feel fairly anxious on or after the 1st date, it only means your body is telling you that things aren’t quite right. By contrast, if you feel actually excited and really look forward to meeting her again, it means you can go on a 2nd date with her.

Don’t analyze if your date has an advanced degree or drives a fancy car. If she is not kind / does not respect you / is not willing to take care of you, none of those will matter or make a difference.

Because Eastern European women highly value marriage and family, they are very willing to take care of their husbands and children. That’s why western men like Eastern European ladies and cherish them.

  • Is the attraction real?

Honestly, if you do not have the intense attraction, you cannot manufacture it. End of story.

Some individuals think they should probably give each other more time and see if the spark can grow slowly. But realistically, if the spark is not present on the 1st date, it’s probably not going to grow later on. That’s the unpleasant realism that people have to face and accept.

Nevertheless, if the Attraction has a capital A on the 1st date, you know the chemistry is solid, so you can go on a 2nd date with her. ✨

Since Eastern European women are elegant and presentable, they are attractive women. They look better than most western women because they look after themselves – they are not overweight & they dress well. They are feminine and beautiful ladies.

I’m sure these 3 principles will help you make an informed decision. 😊

“Ladies from Eastern Europe are slim, pretty, polite and elegant. They are high-value women who deserve your respect and love.”

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