How to impress a Ukrainian woman during an online video chat

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At Ukraine Brides Agency, we offer a video chat feature so that men and Slavic ladies can chat online more effectively. Today I’d like to share with you some powerful tips about how to stand out and… be outstanding.😉

Wear a true red tie.

Yes, true red. Pure red.

Psychologists point out that red is the most attractive color as it gets attention fast. For instance, anything packaged in red is able to sell reasonably well; therefore, red is often used in sales, advertising and marketing. By the way, dating is the only situation where both parties are buying and selling at the same time. Hence, just wear a red tie – you are packaging yourself for an international relationship.😊

When you start a video chat with a Ukrainian woman, instead of asking ‘How are you?’, you’d better ask her, ‘How was your day?’ or ‘How have you been today?’. In this way, she doesn’t have to answer a generic question. Instead, she will feel closer to you psychologically.

Also, rather than trying very hard to impress a woman all the time, you can demonstrate this attitude: You are trying to find out if this woman meets your standards. You can turn the tables instantly.

During the online video chat, please don’t touch your hair, face or shirt. You don’t want to look nervous or edgy. A dating coach even argues that men can wear some makeup when necessary. I know this is very controversial in our society. However, if you look significantly better in

person than on camera, you may consider wearing some makeup, i.e., some eyeliner and a little bit foundation. This does not make you gay, okay?

Speak with a gentle voice.

When you lower your pitch so you sound gentler and more masculine, the Ukrainian woman will feel that you are paying full attention to her. Well, if you actually feel nervous, it’s okay to drink some wine to relax and loosen up a bit. Remember to drink moderately!

If you do feel quite nervous or overwhelmed before an online video chat, you have to surrender to your feelings because feelings are not facts (they are just feelings). Therapeutic surrender can immediately reduce your anxiety.

What’s more, you would be well-advised to manage your micro-expressions, i.e., subtle facial expressions. For instance, to look more self-confident, you have to relax the muscle between your eyebrows.

Moreover, you must be okay with silence during the online video chat. The silence is only awkward if you think it’s so awkward.

I would argue that when you introduce silence to the video chat deliberately, the Ukrainian lady might feel a little nervous – this can trigger chemistry fast.

According to NLP, when you mirror a woman’s behavior, she likes you more. That means if her voice is louder, you can also speak with a louder voice. Yet if her voice is lower, your voice needs to be lower, too. This strategy will create attraction quickly.

Russian women

Please do not sit too close to the camera/screen.

Most men look a bit better when they sit slightly away from the camera/screen. If you sit too close to your laptop, chances are the effect is too close for comfort.

Also, you would be well-advised to display a classy and elegant background in your video. Make sure that you are not showing a Ukrainian woman a very messy room.

A good question to ask a Ukrainian lady is, “What’s…?” That can be, “What’s in the photoon your wall?” That is to say, if something in the woman’s video makes you curious, you are supposed to ask her. This is a good way to break the ice.

Incidentally, please do not imitate James Bond. A lot of men assume that if they behave as cool as James Bond, ladies will like them more. Unfortunately, this is a huge mistake. In effect, you must give positive & warm vibes so that you look more natural and approachable.

Well, usually, it’s okay to imitate a male celebrity that you admire, especially if that’s a celebrity that you look like to some degree. You can analyze that male celebrity’s gestures and facial expressions & use those to your advantage.

Towards the end of a video chat, you can pay the Ukrainian woman a very subtle compliment like ‘You are so sweet’. Remember to say thanks when the video chat ends. Good manners as well as etiquette also matter on the Internet.

“If a high-quality cologne makes you feel more confident and gives you the romantic mood, you should totally wear it!”

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