Why you should totally marry an Eastern European woman

January 11, 2021 at 7.41am by in Slavic Women
Slavic dating

In western countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, there are many women who want to freeze their eggs in their 30s & wait until they’re ready to have children, because they just don’t realize that they probably should get married and have kids when they are in their 30s. But in Eastern Europe, women in their 20s want to get married as they think that’s the right age for marriage and children, which is a very healthy mindset indeed. Most Eastern European women that I know have stable jobs in their 20s and don’t want to start one hundred side hustles, so they are more likely to be wife material and can look after children after getting married.

  • Eastern European women have many advantages.

In my opinion, ladies from Eastern Europe are more mature than their western counterparts because they value what’s actually important, whereas a lot of western women behave like teenagers in terms of dating. So, if you marry an Eastern European lady, you will stress less.

Unlike western women who generally aren’t good at cooking, Eastern European ladies love cooking for their husbands because they want to nurture their marriages. Therefore, you’ll be fed well if your wife is from Eastern Europe – she loves cooking and wants to cook for you so you can be impressed by her 😉

In Eastern Europe, most women are good at doing household chores because they want to take care of their home environment. Basically, if you are married to one of them, you will be able to sit on the sofa and watch TV while your wife is doing the housework for the entire family. Your laundry will be done on time and she’ll dry & fold your clothes for you, too!

In developed countries, most women are competing with men and showcase their masculine energy so as to feel powerful or empowered; consequently, they often outdo men. But in Eastern Europe, ladies want to be feminine and traditional, so they are the best wives in the world. Your Eastern European lady will surely be very gentle, warm, sweet and considerate.

Furthermore, Eastern European women are loyal women. They are so faithful that they don’t make their husbands jealous – they don’t see other guys if they’re married or in a meaningful relationship. Yet if you treat your girlfriend badly, she may talk to other men for emotional support, meaning so long as you treat her in the right way, she will be yours for the rest of your life 😊

Being married to an Eastern European wife means you can feel like a real man, an alpha man. Truthfully, your Eastern European woman would expect you to be an alpha guy because she wants you to make all the important decisions in life. Therefore, your life will become less complicated and easier to manage – you won’t need to argue with a woman anymore. If you can make all decisions, you are the leader in the marriage; therefore, you wife will respect you even more. As a man, you either lead or be misled in a relationship.

  • Being happily married:

The majority of Eastern European ladies are well-educated and intelligent. And a lot of these ladies went to music or art schools. Hence, you can have intelligent conversations with your girlfriend if that’s something you would like to do. I think it is very important to have intelligent conversations with your spouse because a marriage is a life-long conversation, isn’t it?

Better still, when you are married to a wife from Eastern Europe, the “monster-in-law” situation will not even happen because your wife will respect your family – she values family ties.

Usually, on the first few dates with a Slavic woman, she might indirectly suggest cooking for you. For example, she might say something along the lines of, “I’m pretty sure the authentic Ukrainian food tastes much better than this. My friends and family love the food cooked by me.”

Then you can say, “Oh, really? I should try that. Will you cook for me?”

And then she will probably say, “Yes.” That means she likes you, okay? 😉

Most Slavic women think cooking for their husbands is a great way to keep their husbands.

“Interestingly, a lot of ladies from Easter Europe believe that keeping their husbands is the biggest goal in their lives – this is very different from western women’s belief system. In western countries, nowadays most women believe their biggest goal is to achieve career success and love themselves unconditionally. But women from Eastern European countries are more traditional, so they still believe that their ultimate goal in life is to keep their husband forever – Eastern European culture has conditioned women from that region differently. That is to say, according to their ideology, ladies should make gentlemen happy and it’s a lady’s job to maintain her relationship effectively.”

  • Saeed Akbar

    Good article Miss Julia. This was a good comparison between the Western women and the Slavic women. I enjoyed it especially more in the fact that I have a beautiful 😍 Slavic lady 👩 of my own I love, care❤ and protect. Even more special is that I met her on Valentine’s Day the same day her son’s birthday is on too. 21 months of Slavic study and 11 months with my lady along with celebrating monthly anniversaries with cake, card, balloons, and music from me since I play piano 🎹 and saxophone 🎷. Slavic ladies are the most beautiful, wise, loving, understanding, respectful, and supporting women you will ever talk to. I am so thankful for my lady in life I can love and learn from her everyday for the rest of my days. 💘


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