How to meet Slavic women socially

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Slavic women

One way to meet Slavic women is meeting them socially. This theory sounds good and it’s very well-known, but how exactly should we implement it? Now we are going to deconstruct how this works in detail.

  • Disarm the woman that you really like.

Before you approach the woman in the club, you should talk to those other than her, because she will see that you are here to have fun with everybody. Therefore, when you approach her, she will be more receptive and open. By the way, most men who haven’t read this article will try to look like James Bond in the club because they think looking “cool” attracts women, yet that’s not a productive move.

  • Test her interest.

Before approaching the woman in the club, you’d better test if she is going to give you a positive response. So, you make eye contact with her, and quickly you do one of the following: raising your glass, waving or making a funny face. Now she has to respond; thus, apart from any negative reaction, she will either smile, mirror your action or look away (shy or embarrassed) – if you see her doing any of those, you know it’s a green light.

  • The direct approach:

After knowing this woman reacts positively, you can approach her by saying something along the lines of, “Hey. How have you been?” – This is better than “How are you?” because “How have you been?” makes her feel that you have known each other for a long time. As a result, she feels psychologically closer to you. Please assume that she likes you when you approach her, and then everything is more likely to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Never use indirect approach in this scenario as that will decrease the attraction in this context.

  • Your body language:

The right body language: 

  1. Only your face points towards the woman; your body and feet point away from her. This is a low-pressure way which makes her feel more comfortable.
  1. After building some sort of connection, you look away first when she still holds eye contact – this implies your high value and high status.
  1. If this woman is in a seated group, you should also sit down – when you are talking with her on her level, she feels much more comfortable.
  1. When the romantic vibe is established, you quickly touch her in a smart manner, e.g., you whisper something in her ear & your hand or lips touch her ear “accidentally”. This is called effective physical escalation under the radar.

The wrong body language:

  1. You walk up and get right in the woman’s face – very awkward.
  1. Your body and feet point toward her – this gives her high pressure.
  1. You nervously look away – this shows lack of confidence.
  1. You hold intense eye contact until the woman looks away – this gives her too much power in the initial interaction.
  • What happens next?

Please work on your small talk skills, as almost every woman in the club is fed up with small talks with very boring men. Most guys either say something too obvious or interview ladies after the initial opener. For instance, guys who haven’t read this article would probably say this to a woman, “Your eyes are beautiful” (so obvious and so boring) or “What do you do?” (1,000 men have asked this question already). As a result, you have to be unique so as to stand out and be outstanding – you might say something like, “I guess you must be an artist.” – Assumptions are more interesting. Actually, in the end, you will get the information that you need by making assumptions anyway!

“If she starts to ask you questions, it means she is interested in you now. It’s your responsibility to convert her into your romantic partner.”

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