How to stay motivated in Slavic dating, everyday life, and careers

May 18, 2021 at 7.55am by in Dating advice
Slavic dating

Motivation is important in love, life and careers. Because of the current pandemic, it’s not easy to stay motivated every single day. Slavic dating requires some motivation because it’s international. 

  • Motivation is important, but it’s slightly overrated.

Everyone may lose motivation at some stage. That’s very, very common and should be expected. Don’t blame yourself when that happens to you. Just get back on track immediately. 

Frankly, when you rely on motivation, you are basically relying on willpower which has been proven to be limited. Now I’d like to introduce something new – When you have a new identity, you don’t need to worry about motivation anymore.

For example, if your goal is to become a successful business owner, your new identity has to be a successful business owner. Be that person now. Behave like a successful business owner. Think like a successful business owner. Feel those powerful feelings and emotions now.

Your identity drives your behavior, thoughts and emotions, so the first step is to have a new identity that aligns with your values. This new identity will propel you into action. The results of your action will then bring you to your goal. Now motivation becomes automatic because commitment comes before motivation.

Your beliefs and values are underpinned by your identity. Before finding out your why, find out who you are. Who do you need to be? Find out three identity characteristics you will need in order to succeed & act, behave and think like that identity now.

Similarly, if you are ready for love, you can join the Slavic dating site where genuine Eastern European women are looking to marry foreign men. Taking action gives you motivation.

  • When business relationships and / or romantic relationships don’t work out, just move on.

Many relationships don’t work out. The situation can be a work relationship, a friendship, a mentorship or a romantic relationship. If someone keeps disappointing you, it’s important for you to know when to move on.

The first indicator that reveals it’s time to move on is lack of respect. This can be abuse or an indifferent attitude. Without respect, you don’t really have a relationship with that person.

The second indicator is repeated lies. If someone is always lying to you, they don’t have your interests at heart. The relationship is already over.

The third indicator is a one-way street. That means you are contributing to the relationship, whereas that person isn’t adding any value to the relationship. When this happens consistently, you need to consider moving on.

The fourth indicator is failed discussions. This means that you’ve tried to seriously discuss key issues that need to be addressed in this relationship. You’ve clearly told that person what has to be done, but those discussions always failed. Well, maybe that person has quit on you already.

Okay. Now you are aware of the four indicators, so you can make an informed decision today.

  • How to strongly believe in yourself:

Sometimes, it’s not easy to believe in yourself, particularly if question your self-worth. But there are several ways to make you strongly believe in yourself.

The first action you need to take is to write down a list of your past accomplishments. These are the evidence that shows you are a high-value person. Now look at this list very carefully and identify what you’ve done successfully repeatedly. In this way, you will know your key skills.

Now you know your strengths, so from now on, you will double down on your strengths. Find various ways to leverage your key skills so that you will keep achieving more. The results will help you strongly believe in yourself.

No one will value you more than you value yourself, so you must strongly believe in yourself and know your self-worth. Yes, I said ‘you must’, not ‘you should’.

“No matter what, you have to strongly believe in yourself in every area of your life. The fact that you are on a Slavic dating site means you are a man with a vision – you know what you want / deserve. More importantly, you know how to achieve your goals.”

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