How to talk to Ukrainian women & make sure the Attraction has a capital A


In my opinion, your charisma, personality and social skills are more important than other aspects in terms of dating and relationships. Genuine Ukrainianladies fall in love with men who have good personality traits as well as conversational skills.

  • “I’m going to New Zealand for the first time. This is the very first time for me to visit Down Under.”

Let’s say you are chatting with a Ukrainian woman at a party. This is a perfect line that you can use.

Technically, you should remember the original formula: “I’m going to … It’s the first time …”

That means you do not have to go to New Zealand so as to use this line, okay?

This line works pretty well as it creates unlimited possibilities:

  1. The Ukrainian lady will get excited and want to see your pictures in New Zealand. Therefore, you can add her as a friend on social media.
  2. She will realize that you have a very interesting life. As a result, she will become curious about your life.
  3. You will have the opportunity to talk about which countries you have visited and which countries you are keen to visit.
  4. She will share her travel plans.

You may take out your smartphone and show the lady some pictures that were taken when you travelled somewhere in the past. If those pictures are on your Instagram page, you can say this to her, “Do you have Instagram? We should probably be friends on Instagram so you will be able to see my photos.”

Now you can communicate with her on social media. A lot of romantic relationships get started like this nowadays.

  • “I noticed something about you just now.”

What an intriguing line! You can use it when you meet a Ukrainian lady at a social event. If you say that to her, she will be very curious about what you are going to say next.

She will certainly ask, “What?”

You say this to her, “Your smile is as gorgeous as the sunshine in New Zealand.”

I can almost guarantee that this lady will smile at you. This compliment is very creative as it is a simile. Although other guys paid her many compliments previously, she possibly hasn’t heard a compliment like that before. As a result, you will stand out from the crowd and become the winner.

You may say this to her, “Your voice is as tender as a marshmallow.”

She will ask, “Yet a marshmallow doesn’t have a voice?!”

Then you say, “This is synaesthesia, a figure of speech. I am talking about the texture of your voice. Very gentle and soft.”

Now that sounds so artistic, right?

Or you say this to the Ukrainian lady, “Your beautiful eyes are as deep as the blue ocean.”

She might say, “Really?”

You say, “If I look at your blue eyes for 20 minutes, I may drown myself in this bliss.” (Of course, you should say it in a spontaneous and playful manner.)

The Ukrainian woman will be impressed with your poetic expression. 😉

  • A boring question does not require a boring answer.

If a woman asks you, “How are you?”

You will give an interesting answer such as, “I feel amazing. I just purchased Savage Garden’s DVD Superstars and Cannonballs. I am dying to watch it tonight!”

At surface level, you seem to be talking about what you are doing only, yet as a matter of fact, this line gives the Ukrainian woman lots of conversational threads to pick up.

She will possibly ask questions about the DVD that you’ve bought, why you like Savage Garden, and so on.

That is to say, you simply answer the question you wish you had been asked. This line is especially powerful if you’ve got some fascinating topics in your head, i.e. interests that excite you, funny stories, and so forth.

A lot of politicians have mastered this skill as they often say whatever they would like to say, no matter what question journalists ask them. Politicians can do that, so you can do it as well.

If nothing particularly exciting happens in your life right now, you may say, “I’m good. Just now I had the best cappuccino in the world. I’m in a good mood now.”

This shows that you are able to feel excited about ordinary things. It turns out that this is a great quality as life isn’t always about extraordinary achievements all the time. Life is actually about remaining positive and passionate when things are just ordinary.

You can mention the book you are reading, “I feel really good. I was reading Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle Is the Way. What a perfect book!”

“In this moment, this Ukrainian woman knows that you are an avid reader – you must be a smart and cultured man who highly values knowledge and growth. Now your perceived value is higher!”

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