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December 7, 2021 at 9.22am by in Online Dating
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What is the foundation to win at online dating? Do you know how to create unstoppable attraction? Can you build a remarkable character? You’ll find the answers to all your burning questions in this blog post! 😊

How to build chemistry and attraction under the radar:

Here is the psychology of building unstoppable chemistry – it has to be done under the radar! 😉

In the first place, you should show a lady that you are interested without giving away too much power. Your attitude is, “Hey. You are quite interesting, and I’m interested to know you a bit more.”

In the second place, you would be well-advised to build some challenge so that she feels excited and wants to date you. Remember: a lady needs to know there is a standard to meet – she hasn’t won you at this stage. You can show your standards, have your own opinions and stand by your values. Don’t agree with everything she says!

When interest and challenge are combined, you can flirt with her effortlessly and let the spark of attraction fly.

Please note that chemistry and attraction are very, very important. Without chemistry, you can’t manufacture attraction later in the relationship. Without attraction, the relationship isn’t even real.

How to build a remarkable character:

I remember a life coach once said, “A person’s personality probably wouldn’t change after 35 years of age.” But I can confirm that you can surely build a remarkable character no matter how old you are!

In the online dating world, it’s not hard to stand out because most men are feeding their ego rather than their soul. Every time I attend networking events, I only meet men’s ego. But whenever I meet with women in a social context, I can have real conversations in a relaxed manner because women generally don’t feed their ego! That’s why women are more likely to be vulnerable during conversations.

If you are keen to be a great conversationalist, the first thing that you must do is to feed your soul rather than your ego. Here are some examples:

  1. Honesty is always the best policy.
  2. Take time for what actually matters in life.
  3. Find a career that you are genuinely passionate about.
  4. Follow your bliss instead of doing what your peers expect you to do.
  5. Live at the highest level.

If you feed your soul instead of your ego, other people will want to level up around you. Women will find you very attractive because you are a high-value man.

Of course, you shouldn’t compromise your boundaries and standards in the online dating department. Always look after your non-negotiables! If someone doesn’t treat you with respect, you should walk away without hesitation because you are internally fulfilled – you don’t need other people’s approval or validation. In this way, women will clearly see your value! 😊

If a woman doesn’t invest in you, please don’t chase her. You highly value yourself and your time & energy. You know what you actually deserve because you have respect!

Strong men don’t settle for terrible treatment in love due to their unshakeable sense of self-worth and high self-esteem. They successfully manage their emotions every single day.

Here is how to manage your emotions: Have some emotional buttons that remind you of good emotions, e.g., souvenirs from overseas trips, photos from your favorite places, and so on. Every time you need to change your emotions, you can look at each emotional button and tap into your deep reserves of positive emotions. Now you are ready to claim what you truly deserve and find true love! 😉

“Are you able to find strength and inspiration whenever you need them?”

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