How Your Mindset Determines the Quality of Your Dating Life: A Letter to Slavic Women

Slavic women

A crucial prerequisite to having an amazing love life is to build a positive mindset. As s strong Slavic woman, be sure never to underestimate the power of your mindset, because your mindset alone can determine the direction of your love life.

  • Let’s have a look at a range of common limiting beliefs which get in the way:

Limiting Belief 1: “There aren’t any quality men out there.”

The truth: 

As a Slavic woman, if you have only dated six or seven men and your conclusion is there aren’t any quality men out there, then you probably got this conclusion too soon.

How many relationships have you had so far? 100? Probably not that many. So, the quality of the men that you have been with or have dated doesn’t represent the quality of men in general.

In order to find quality, quantity matters! I understand that you want to find a really good man, but before finding that great guy, you need to meet a large number of guys in the first place. An analogy: when you want to buy a dress, you often go to different shops and try on different dresses, and then finally, you find the perfect dress after spending a whole afternoon in shopping malls and stores. Usually, you wouldn’t find the perfect dress in the first shop. But you wouldn’t say “there aren’t any quality dresses out there”.

Limiting Belief 2: “All the men I meet have commitment issues.”

The truth:

Again, you need to meet enough men to come to this conclusion. If you have only dated four or five guys, they certainly don’t represent all men.

In fact, even if he really has commitment issues, you can do something about it and change the dynamics of your relationship with him, so that he wants to commit!  

Slavic women
  • Two analytical scenarios:

Scenario One:

You may want to know how to make a guy that you date commit.

If you are dating a guy, and he doesn’t want to commit. That’s usually because he feels that he has given you enough and you are okay with it, so it’s all good.

You could say this to him, “Hey John, because I’m not that kind of person who sees different people at the same time, now I need to get out there and meet the right guy for me.  That’s why I can’t be that close to you anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I think you’re great! But I just want to make sure I can find the right guy for myself.”

Say it in a calm and positive way. When he hears this, he will make a decision whether he wants to have a long-term relationship with you or not, because if he doesn’t make a decision quickly, he will lose you! You are not threatening him; you are just saying a fact in a kind way. As a result, in all likelihood, he will see you as a high-value woman that he wants to have a serious relationship with.

Scenario Two:

You just started seeing a guy and you want to know how to make him commit as quickly as possible.

The reason why guys have commitment issues is often that they may have negative associations with commitment, i.e., commitment means a boring relationship, exhausting responsibilities, lack of variety, lack of excitement and predictability. Meanwhile, these men have positive associations with casual dates, i.e., variety, different experiences and excitement.

The best way to make a guy like this commit is by meeting his needs. In other words, when he sees that his needs (unpredictability, excitement and variety) can be met in his relationship with you, he will commit!

In conclusion, a positive mindset will eliminate limiting beliefs, thereby improving the quality of your dating life.

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