How to transform your conversations with Slavic women fast

November 19, 2021 at 4.01pm by in Dating advice
Slavic women

When you engage with a Slavic woman during the interaction and genuinely listen to her on the date, you can get much more out of the conversation. Today let me show you how!

Slavic women
  • What is active listening?

In 2002, I was a customer service officer (AKA call center agent) at a big organization. At that time, my manager said, “Please use active listening skills by paraphrasing the caller’s words, as you need to connect with the customer and give them reassurance on the phone.”

When this technique is used in the dating context, a conversation on the date could be:

HIM: “You seem creative. I reckon you are an artist.”

HER: “But truthfully, I’m a secretary at an advertising agency.”

HIM: “A secretary? That’s very interesting. This reminds me of Mad Men.”

That means you can begin a sentence with the act of listening to her carefully. Nowadays most people are lonely due to the pandemic and quarantine, so people want to be heard. Genuinely listening to people is not common in today’s day and age.

Don’t get lost in your head when you meet a beautiful lady. You must know what you’re doing. A Slavic lady will appreciate you for taking the time to engage authentically. Please don’t pre-plan each conversation. Just listen to her and react in a natural manner.

Slavic women
  • You need to break the rapport sometimes.

You can’t agree on everything in a relationship. If you agree with her completely, you are boring! 

Actually, by entering into a complete agreement, you are people-pleasing while hoping the lady won’t give you an unpleasant personal rejection.

In my opinion, everyone values people who have and value their own sense of self. Therefore, a Slavic woman will like you for how excited and passionate you’re about your points of view. To be honest, even if you are a true nerd, advocating for what you enjoy doing is better than agreeing with everything she says on the date, e.g., “You’re a smart cookie – if you start to learn Google Analytics, you will like it as well. Computers are wonderful for other things than social media. Some day I’ll show you what it is.” That is to say, if you impress her in the wrong way, you wouldn’t be able to display all your amazing qualities. You need to represent yourself in a better way.

  • How to end the small talk and have a real conversation:

Do you like the small talk? Chances are you want to end the small talk fast so that you can start a real conversation on the date, right? The fastest way to end the small talk and begin a real conversation is to be observant. This doesn’t mean you should compliment a Slavic lady on her beauty. As a matter of fact, you need to make an assumption based on her quality or her style. For example, she is wearing a pair of earrings from a country that you’ve visited – now you can make this an interesting connection to that country by talking about what you loved about that country when you were there. In this way, you can liven up the conversation quickly. Don’t ask too many boring questions. Simply evoke a response that she can comment on. For instance, you may do some stimulating cold reading by saying, “You look very calm. I guess you are an introvert.”

Slavic women would certainly appreciate the fact that you focus on her qualities instead of her beauty. Since you are different from most guys, she will be more responsive and more interested. From now on, she will talk about who she is as a person. You can turn any small talk into an interesting discussion by saying, “I reckon you are …”

In other words, you create sufficient rapport with her via your interest in her as an individual as well as your curiosity. In this way, you see the world from her viewpoint.

Moreover, you may develop more rapport by matching the lady’s eye contact, posture as well as the volume of her voice in a subtle way. She won’t notice it because you do it under the radar. Mirroring is a technique that will make her like you more.

“A good connection is created when you care about who she really is as a person.”

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