I Stand By My Word

I have been stating for some time that I am getting serious about the agencies that I work with and that they must adhere to strict standards and be genuine.

I had problems with an agency recently (usually prompted by feedback from men) that the agency was not controlling their ladies and that they were not serious about finding a man, but merely trying to elongate communication and chats.

I wrote to this agency and explained the situation, the feedback and the issues that were being pointed out to me. These included;
Men writing a message that may be a page long and receiving a one sentence reply that made no sense.
Men writing to a lady 10 times and then she cant remember him in the 11th reply
Continual requests for chats and being on line 24 hours a day

The agent promised to resolve the issues but as soon as she received her April commission, she deleted all her ladies from the site, told me she refused to work with me any more and would write an article about me and my site in Ukraine dating forum so all agencies could read this.

She was marked as a scammer and all men were refunded their credits from any communication with her ladies. This is my policy – and she did not like that either. But – she was warned.

She has done this and here is what she said (it is google translated so does not read well – but you will get the idea):

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! I want to share my impressions of collaboration with the site ukrainebrides! The director of this site – Keith Gordon! This is – awesome dude, that will create problems for no reason and will insert the “sand in the wheels” as soon as possible! Cooperate with this website I have the patience for only 3 months! Why?
1) Mass mailing site is not possible, as the girl who wrote the letter more than 10 men suspected in skamerstve immediately!
2) Keith Gordon strictly monitors the entire conversation, and if God forbid she messed up the name – he begins to find out everything down to the smallest detail, with makes your brain!))
3) If a girl flirt with a letter or a man just did not like what he said – that Keith Gordon takes the money back for the time of the girl by correspondence with this man!
4) Keith Gordon eats brain, that she must be very serious in the correspondence, and if she talks to one man (they have a correspondence in 2-3 letters), it has no right to write another!
5) I always Keith Gordon in the first place men and women on the site as being disenfranchised!
6) As soon as I warned Keith Gordon that I want to stop working with him, I was immediately showered with accusations that my agency – just a scammer! With that, the girls are all real, nothing ever begged for men and begged for money!
7) Keith Gordon even arranged checks, sending his same “mishandled Cossack!” He required an interpreter for the girls! But then it turned out at the meeting, “groom”, then spoke perfect russian! At the end of the meeting began to trade with the translator payment, but the payment was originally arranged with the same director – Keith Gordon!
8) At the end of the partnership with Keith Gordon – payment for the last month – you can forget!
Here’s my little warning on cooperation with the site ukrainebrides! And everyone makes conclusions for himself!

I am quite delighted with what she has written as it is worth more in advertising for me than anything I could have done.

If any other agencies stop working with me – we have frightened them off.

Further, we have responded to the article and will welcome any serious agencies who want to work with a genuine site – and there are plenty of genuine agencies wanting this.

I listen to the feedback you give me and I ask the question of the agencies. I dont automatically mark them as scammer as there are often 2 sides to every story. But I will act decisively if I am not convinced about a lady or an agency.

These agencies cant understand that I am more interested in offering a genuine service than making lots of money. They can only see that sexy photos and encouraging letters pulls in unsuspecting men and that they make a comfortable living. What I am doing is totally foreign to them – we are in different paradigms.

I think those days are coming to a close. Too many men have been scammed and they are wiser and prepared.

I dont think that this will be the end of this story.

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