In love with a Ukrainian woman: How to plan the perfect date

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When you are in love with a Ukrainian lady, you certainly want to be an alpha guy who proactively plans each date because you are the leader in the relationship. Now let me give you some ideas about how to plan the perfect date so that your Ukrainian woman will be sufficiently impressed! 😉

  • Cooking together is actually a great date.

Even if you are already married, you should never stop flirting with your wife. That’s why a regular date night is paramount in every romantic relationship.

You can invite your Ukrainian lady to cook with you. This can be a lunch or a dinner date. If you don’t live together, you should ask her to bring something to your place (e.g., ice cream) because she is also supposed to invest in this relationship!

Remember: The more she invests in this relationship, the more she would cherish this relationship. So, it’s very important to create a two-way street in the interaction.

Cooking slowly is a type of meditation. This is especially true if you do this with your lady from Russia. Put on some romantic music in the kitchen and cook together. My favorite background music in the kitchen is La Vie En Rose, a classic French song. Sometimes I listen to Celine Dion’s French songs while cooking. As I see it, as long as I can’t understand the meaning of the lyrics, it’s the right music because there is no distraction – I don’t want any distraction when I’m on a date!

Because I can’t understand the lyrics, I can fully enjoy the conversation with the person I’m dating. This is so key.

Of course, if you choose this idea for your next perfect date, you would be well-advised to make some effective plans about what you will cook with your woman from Russia. Make sure each recipe is ready before the date.

By the way, before this date, you may ask her, “Can you cook?” This question plays a key part because it makes her want to impress you. Yes, you have to turn the tables at some point!

When she wants to impress you, everything in this relationship becomes a bit easier, right?

Also, most Ukrainian women are quite traditional, so they are keen to cook for their men – why not let your lady cook for you in the future?

  • What a perfect dinner date!

If your Ukrainian girlfriend cooks for you (or she is the major contributor in the kitchen), you’d better give her some kind of reward. This is called positive reinforcement in psychology – it’s a way to encourage her to demonstrate good behavior that you like in future.

Let’s say her cooking skills are seriously marvelous and you are very grateful. You may do something special for her in order to show your gratitude. This can be giving her a box of chocolate to surprise her. If this is a special day such as her birthday or Valentine’s Day, you may give her a more meaningful gift like a piece of jewelry (I personally recommend Kate Northrup’s egg wisdom necklace – it’s a silver necklace which reminds me of Dr Christiane Northrup’s egg wisdom, i.e., success isn’t about hustling all day every day; it’s about doing what you can and trusting that the universe will give you what you need.) But if you prefer traditional jewelry brands, then Tiffany & Co. and Cartier are reliable options for you to consider.

Of course, you don’t have to buy her gifts too frequently. There are many ways to make her stay madly in love with you without spending lots of money. For example, you can slow dance in the living room with her after dinner while maintaining hell-fire eye contact in this process. Or you may watch a movie with her after dinner and discuss the movie together afterwards. Surely, you can even organize a karaoke night at home if you are a good singer. The possibilities are unlimited.

Incidentally, I mentioned that when you are cooking in the kitchen with your Ukrainian girlfriend, you should listen to songs that can’t distract you (lyrics that you can’t understand). However, when you slow dance with her in the living room after dinner, you are supposed to listen to songs that you can truly understand (e.g., My Heart Will Go On and Whenever You Call) – this is a way to reinforce the emotional connection in your relationship!

“Candles and music are the best tools when you are on a date with a Ukrainian woman because they can improve the ambience instantly.”

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