How to instantly boost your perceived attractiveness in front of Ukrainian brides

January 5, 2020 at 9.47am by in Slavic Women
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When you visit Ukraine, our office may introduce you to several Ukrainian ladies who are interested in meeting western men for serious relationships which can lead to marriages. In that case, you must remember every lady’s name and use their names often in the beginning of the interactions. Names are vital! You may even want to write down their names on your phone so that you won’t get things mixed up. After that, you need to understand that dating is the only situation in which both you and the lady are selling and buying at the same time, so how can you sell yourself effectively so that a Ukrainian bride will choose you? The answer is pretty simple – you can learn how to instantly boost your perceived attractiveness (but it doesn’t mean it’s easy) – this is a skill that can be learned 😊

Sell yourself through storytelling.

The best salesperson understands the fact that it’s very important to be passionate about the product they are selling. As a matter of fact, as long as you are passionate, you can mess up, and the world quickly moves on anyway. So, you don’t need to be perfect.

Don’t push your unique selling points (USPs) too hard at the beginning. My philosophy is: show, don’t tell! Show a Ukrainian lady that you are a very good catch; don’t tell her how amazing you are. Let her figure out the conclusion by herself.

Therefore, it’s beneficial to save something for later to reveal naturally. You will look more interesting and attractive as a result.

When you are on a date with a Ukrainian woman, you can prepare at least one story to tell her on the date beforehand. This is the best story structure:

  1. Context
  2. Set up the drama
  3. Crash-and-burn element
  4. Hidden value
  5. Punch line (the ending)

You can keep a story journal to help yourself if you are serious in this respect.

Build a powerful social circle.

Attractive men have powerful friends, so you would be well-advised to build a powerful social circle now. Whenever you go to a networking event, you need to meet everyone first and then choose some of them for further conversations. Next, you get to know their friends and focus on those who can help you.

Your social circle may change because friends move on, and that’s okay. For sure, you will leave some people to the side & you will have new friends, because you can only look after so many interests at a time.

I have talked about a lot of social skills on this blog, and you may choose one technique to practice every week.

Actually, if you have a beautiful Ukrainian girlfriend, you should totally introduce her to your social circle because this is an effective way to add value to the party – your perceived value will be increased because you have an elegant Ukrainian girlfriend. She will make you look good!

When you are at a party, you have to remember people’s names. You can repeat their names in conversations so that you will remember their names more easily. People love it when you use their names in conversations. Another tip is to use name associations, e.g. Samantha is the lady with wavy hair and “Samantha” begins with “S” which looks like her wavy hair. You can even create a notepad for people’s names on your phone – on the notepad, you write down where you met this person and this individual’s name.

Choose a role model. Let’s say you think Leonardo DiCaprio is a good role model because he is very charming at social events. Then you can learn from him – when a challenging situation arises at a social event, ask yourself, “What would Leonardo DiCaprio do in this situation that I’m faced with?”

Use your personal branding to your advantage.

There are two types of unique selling points (USPs): 1) in-built USPs; 2) USPs that you take on. Let me give you an example:

Alex is a 31-year-old guy from Dallas. He is happily married to a Ukrainian bride. His in-built USPs are: A) he is very intelligent; B) he is very handsome; C) he has a successful career because he is a pure-bred entrepreneur. USPs that he takes on are: A) he understands human dynamics after reading books about this topic; B) he has become good at dating and relationships after hiring a dating coach.

Note that your personal brand will change as you mature. Maybe you were best characterized by humor when you were younger, but now your No. 1 character trait is wisdom – that’s okay. You have evolved! Congratulations! In actuality, most Ukrainian brides prefer mature men with wisdom.

After building a nice personal brand, climbing will be easier for you if you are interested in building a successful career based on a VIP network. The climb is all about using your brand and your physical presence to climb these ladders. Get successful at something, and then people will see you can be successful at something else. The climb works in this way: 1) Take a risk first, and then you build your confidence. 2) Confidence breeds competence. 3) Competence breeds credibility.

I know a successful guy from Toronto and I asked him, “How did you do that so quickly?” His answer was, “It’s the climb.” This guy runs a multi-million-dollar company and is now married to a Ukrainian wife.

In order to hold yourself accountable, I’d like you to ask yourself these questions:

  1. What situations require me to build my brand?
  2. What should I wear in these situations?
  3. What should I talk about?
  4. What value can I add?
  5. What should I bring to the table?

In terms of how to make friends with important people, here’s my suggestion: Don’t be a go-getter; be a go-giver. Everyone you meet, you give value first. If you know you will meet a VIP tonight, you should Google them: Who are they? What do they like? Always build/make a human connection before you implement your agenda.

Enjoy the time with people for a real friendship and experience. Put yourself around people you want to be with (think location, location, location). Network with people in a status of happiness (go to places you like). Prioritize and allocate resources so that you can spend time and money with successful people in your field. Of course, you also need to know how to maintain and nurture these connections – you should go to events often and send messages to your new friends on Facebook on their birthdays.

Become a great conversationalist.

Use these phrases when you are talking to your Ukrainian lady:

  1. “So, I’m curious…” (pause)
  2. “I have to tell you this…” (pause)
  3. “I think you should know…” (pause)

When you pause, you have a better impact because now she will pay more attention to what you are going to say.

When your lady from Ukraine asks you, “How are you?”, you should provide a longer response – say what you want to say (rant). Do not fall prey to her boring questions.

“You need a mentor in every area of your life – stay modest.”

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