Interesting Facts about Ukraine

Aside from the fact that Ukraine is known as home for beautiful and loyal Ukrainian ladies, there are also a lot of interesting facts about Ukraine, some of these are:

1.The biggest state in Europe is Ukraine. Ukraine has a total area of 603,628 square kilometers which makes it the biggest contiguous country in the continent of Europe. It appeared on the map of the world in 1991.

2. Ukraine is the homeland for one of the world’s ancient civilizations which is the Trypillian Civilization. Between 5500 BC and 2750 BC, neolithic archaeological culture existed in the territories of the modern Ukraine.

3. Pylyp Orlyk, who is a  Ukrainian Hetman introduced a document in 1710 which is intended to divide powers into 3 branches. It also aims to regulate the responsibilities and rights of the government and the citizen. It is called “Pacts and Constitutions of Rights and Freedoms of the Zaporizhian Host” which is said to be one of the first constitutions in the world.

4. The deepest metro station is found in Kiev Ukraine. It is 105 meters deep and it was built in 1960.

5. In 2011, Ukraine placed third as the largest grain exporter in the world.

6. The McDonald’s in Kiev is said to be the 3rd most visited branch in the world. It is located near the train station.

7. According to Research and Branding Group survey, about 88% of Ukrainians have never been out of the country while 36% have never been outside their region.

8. Instead of wearing their wedding ring in the left ring finger, Ukrainian couples wear it in the right.

9. Since 1980s, Ukraine has been experiencing demographic crisis due to high death rate and a low birth rate. Their population is shrinking by over one hundred fifty thousand per year.

10. Ukraine is said to be 4th educated nation in the world. About 99.4 percent of 15 years old and above Ukrainians can write and read. 70 percent of adult Ukrainians have accomplished a secondary or higher education.

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