International dating and a sense of belonging

international dating

Wala Truscott said, “There are five C’s in a romantic relationship – communication, connection, chemistry, change and clarity. Clarity is the foundation.” Wala Truscott claims that clarity means a man can love a woman without losing himself. When he is in a romantic relationship, he still knows what he desires and deserves, enjoys his interests, hobbies and career & spends quality time with friends and family. In other words, a high-value guy maintains his high self-esteem with or without a romantic relationship.

  • Self-esteem & a sense of belonging.

When you are aware of your true worth, you love yourself radically and unconditionally. This sounds slightly corny, but it’s definitely true. Nobody will value you more than you value yourself, according to Kate Northrup. Hence, it is clear that high self-esteem is paramount. High self-esteem gives a man this strong and solid belief: He deserves respect, love as well as a sense of belonging. So, when he interacts with Slavic ladies, he projects sparkling happiness naturally. When he gives good vibes, he receives positive energy in various ways as well. In love, he can only get what he gives. Also, high self-esteem gives a guy positive vibe – this is exactly how a guy attracts high-quality candidates to his life.

Note that you’ll always attract what you actually believe you’re worth. If you strongly believe that you deserve a high-value Slavic woman, high-quality friends and a very good career, those will become your standards. As a result, when something or somebody violates these standards, you will not ignore the red flag. Therefore, high self-esteem helps you maintain your high standards as well as your clear boundaries. You will not have your standards violated or boundaries crossed. Thus, you can build a strong sense of belonging in a sustainable and healthy manner. You protect your energy no matter who you are interacting with. At the same time, you lead with your energy. That means when you give good energy to others, they must respond in a good way so as to maintain the dynamics in the interactions. By contrast, men with low self-esteem stay in bad relationships for many years as they don’t really believe that they deserve somebody who would respect them and love them. They are keen to have a sense of belonging, yet unfortunately, that is not the right way to get it. You have to build and protect your high self-esteem so that you can enjoy a better, stronger sense of belonging in every area of your life.

international dating
  • Why self-esteem is much more paramount than confidence:

Self-esteem and confidence are both important, but I think self-esteem is more paramount than confidence. Here is why –

In general, there are 3 layers of confidence:

  1. External layer – This layer of self-confidence can be faked because you may hire a charisma consultant and improve the way you walk, the way you talk and the way you look. I think this layer of confidence is quite important as it influences how you feel.
  2. Lifestyle layer – This layer of self-confidence is about your hobbies, friends, career, and so on. You derive self-confidence from various areas of your life. Basically, life is a matrix: the more areas you are able to derive self-confidence from, the happier you feel. Let’s say you merely derive self-confidence from 1 area in your life, then your risk is pretty high as that area could go wrong one day and you will not be confident anymore. So, you must derive confidence from a wide variety of areas in life.
  3. Core layer – This layer of self-confidence is about how much you love yourself unconditionally and radically. In other words, you are aware of your true worth. If the first and the second levels of confidence disappear, you will still truly love yourself, so you are invincible!

When it comes to international dating, self-esteem is the true foundation of a man’s core confidence. In fact, high self-esteem results in solid, strong core confidence, so a guy with high self-esteem certainly knows he is a high-quality candidate with or without the first and/or the second level of confidence. What’s more, a man with high self-esteem usually has all three levels of confidence and every level is strong.

Rather than focusing on creating confidence, modern men should probably create high self-esteem in the first place as this is where the journey starts…. Start from within.

“It turns out that self-esteem is even more important than confidence in international dating.”

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