How to make Eastern European women feel attracted to you

May 10, 2021 at 7.13am by in Dating advice
Eastern European women

Eastern European ladies are honest individuals who aren’t social justice warriors, meaning they are not trying to be politically correct. Frankly, political correctness is overdone in western countries. For example, many people are worried that if they use the wrong pronoun, someone would feel offended; a lot of people in western countries believe that the ‘Me Too’ movement is a real thing. (Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying the ‘Me Too’ movement is wrong; I mean it’s obviously being used by certain individuals in the western society for other purposes.) Truthfully, a large number of western men are not interested in western women who have been conditioned by the western culture, so they have started to look for Eastern European women online.

  • How to make an office crush fall for you:

Author of The Atlas of Happiness and Leap Year Helen Russell argues that if you have an office crush, it’s actually better for your work as you’d look forward to going to work each day & Monday morning wouldn’t equal dread. Also, a Taiwanese psychiatrist even claims that having an office crush is definitely good for your health, for this interesting experience can help your body release very happy hormones, thereby making you live longer. A Danish woman that Helen Russell knows has an office crush everywhere she works – she has been working for a big organization for 17 years and has worked in various departments – she has had an office crush in each office. (Danish people are the happiest in the world, according to a UN report.) Well, I know Danish women aren’t Eastern European women. But that’s not the point here. Now I’m just explaining why having an office crush could be a positive thing.

Ian is an Australian guy who is very happily married to an Eastern European wife. They met each other 19 years ago when Internet dating wasn’t mainstream. At that time Ian and this Eastern European lady were working in the same office in Sydney. Ian used a technique called ‘misdirection’ to his advantage. Here is how this technique works:

Ian created a scenario where 3 people were talking about what they did over Christmas holidays. Ian and his office crush (the Eastern European woman) were standing side by side, whilst another co-worker was standing in front of Ian. When Ian was telling them what he did over Christmas holidays, he naturally put his hand on his office crush’s shoulder; in the meantime, Ian was facing the third person while projecting all his energy onto the third individual. He didn’t put his hand on his office crush’s shoulder for long (it was only 1 minute). It was done in a very friendly and natural manner (nothing sexual). (I guess if he put his hand on her back for one minute, the effect would be the same.)

In that moment, his office crush started to fall in love with him without knowing Ian actually did it by design, not by default. It turns out that this lady from Eastern Europe loves romance, so they got married within 1 year!

This technique is called ‘misdirection’. It is done in a natural and friendly way without being creepy. It’s just like two friends hanging out together. Meanwhile, it tells both people whether there is chemistry or not, so it’s a good technique that is used under the radar. 😉

  • How to make an Eastern European lady fall in love with you online:

The technique that Ian used was something that he invented before online dating was mainstream, so basically, it was great for offline dating, especially when there was an office crush. But these days most people work from home due to COVID-19 and even if you have an office crush, you probably can’t see her in the office anyway! Therefore, if you are keen to make a woman from Eastern European fall for you online, please take notes – 😉

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