International Women’s Day

February 27, 2014 at 2.04am by in International Dating

March 8 is International Women’s Day in many countries around the world and celebrates women’s rights and achievements.

Ukraine celebrates this day very seriously and have made it a public holiday in recognition of the role that women make in the Ukraine society, including workplace and family. In many ways life in Ukraine is held together by the firm values that the women place on family and responsibility. That is one of the reasons that Ukraine women are courted by foreign men as perfect lifetime partners.

It is a celebration for all women, whether mothers, partners, family members or friends, not just mothers or wives.

Traditionally a gift of flowers (especially roses or tulips), chocolates or confectionery and other gifts are given in recognition of the achievements of women in Ukraine and also to celebrate the onset of Spring.

If you would like to send a gift to your lady I Ukraine, please look at our gift page and order now and we can guarantee delivery in time for the special day. Considering the turmoil and upheaval that Ukraine people have been going through over the last few weeks, this would be a lovely gesture to show your concern and care.

You can search our gift selection at this link

I have received emails from many men asking if it is safe to travel in Ukraine at present and it is not easy to answer.

While the shooting of protesters and violent stand-offs between protesters and police has settled since the departure of the President and the appointment of a temporary Government, life is still not settled, with many banks and ATM’s not operating, police and security are without direction and now pro-President areas are starting to counter protest.

My own opinion is that life will settle to a more harmonious and corrupt-free environment that will allow Ukraine to flourish after many years of corruption and leadership by fear. It was appalling to see the grandeur of the Presidents house, with gold toilets, golf course and private zoo, when many of the people struggle to survive. The people had never seen this house before and one wonders what sort of leader would build this for himself out of squandered taxes and corruption. The truth has been revealed.

Yes, it is reasonably safe to travel to Ukraine but you do so with caution. We currently have a number of men visiting their ladies and our Ukraine Brides team as well as the local agencies are ensuring that they are well looked after.

As always, we suggest that if you would like to travel to Ukraine, do it through us and with our support and assistance. For many of us, it is a life with which we are unfamiliar at this time.


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