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January 22, 2015 at 2.00am by in Online Dating

When a lady sees your profile for the first time she can send you an introductory letter if she is interested in you.

If you are new on the site, you may receive a number of these over a 24 or 48 hour period as the ladies see your new profile. This may also happen if we start working with a new agency and their ladies view our mens profiles for the first time.

The introductory letter is the ladies way of trying to attract you to her – rather than all the other ladies on the site. It is a proactive way of introducing themselves to you.

Many ladies can use this opportunity to unfairly appear a perfect match for you – by rewriting your profile details and putting their own interests and dreams as your own.

We have adopted a unique way of overcoming this by insisting that the ladies have a pre-approved introductory letter that they must send to you if they are interested. We insist that it must be about her – her profile, her dreams, her interests, etc. This allows you to get to know the real lady and you can make a more informed choice of who is the right lady for you.

Many men see this as a fabrication and dont like it. They say that it allows a mass mail-out of letters to men. However, by carefully setting your personal preferences in your profile settings tab, you will only receive letters from ladies who meet your preferred criteria.

Recently, a new member wrote to Edward from our Vitochka Agency in San Diego and I thought that Edward’s reply perfectly summarised our intent. Edward said:

Concerning your question about “form letters” from the women on site: the only thing resembling a “form letter” is the woman’s initial “introduction letter” that is pre-approved by the agency to ensure that the women are honestly describing themselves and their character, interests, etc. and not “fishing” for men by gleaning bits from the men’s profiles and flattering them with meaningless complements about their fitness, hair style, manner of dress and such. While the introduction letters may seem at first a bit stilted, their being pre-approved by the Ukraine Brides Agency staff actually serves a constructive purpose by focusing the woman’s first letter on her qualities and background. Of course, subsequent letters sent by the women in response to mail from men should reflect a much more personalized message and if they do not over time seem genuine and relevant, perhaps the matter could be brought up to the Ukraine Brides Agency support team.

Thank you Edward, I could not have said it better myself.

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