It Would Have Been Perfect

This week I received an email from Dutch Television Company asking if they could accompany a Dutchman on his trip to Ukraine to film his strip and his success. They said they were interested in making a documentary about the man’s trip and meeting to broadcast on national television.

I know that these TV companies treat these Romance trip as jokes and will use it as another documentary that shows the Ukraine dating industry in bad light. It has happened so many times before, although I will admit that the Ukraine travel groups that I have seen on documentaries previously deserve to be slammed. Typically they follow a busload of foreign men who attend socials with ladies who they have never communicated and know nothing about. How you expect to develop a relationship from this type of trip I am not sure.

The other documentaries that I have seen have been about foreign men who have been using a Ukraine marriage site and finally make the trip to meet the special lady – to find she does not show up or has no interest in him at all.

These are the type of programmes that have given the Ukraine marriage sites a very bad reputation.

Despite this, we thought long and hard about the invitation – because we know that we will give the man every opportunity for success and that the service we provide him will prove that not all Ukraine dating sites have bad intentions.

We would have asked him to complete a matchmaking questionnaire so that we can learn about him and his interests. We can also find ladies who fit his search criteria and arrange meetings for him in pleasant and relaxed surroundings. The ladies would also have the opportunity to view his profile and gauge their own interest in the man. We would arrange his travel and accommodation, meet him at the airport and settle him into his hotel, provide a 24 hour support number and give him a cell-phone to use. We would arrange his meetings, activities and gifts and ensure that he has every opportunity for a successful trip. If the trip is not successful on this occasion, at least it will be enjoyable and unforgettable. This we reckoned would provide for a documentary that will show that there are sites that can provide a great service and go the extra mile for you.

However, we decided to decline the invitation. Our feeling was that they would not be interested in a good news story and would either show it how it wasn’t, or would not show it at all. They may have thought that we just provided a special trip because it was being filmed for television. This is not the case – he would have been given exactly the same service as anyone who makes our Ukraine romance tours experiences. Every man is important to us.

  • Mark

    I just read this blog and I commend you for thinking through the decision. I believe you made the right choice, the press is not interesting in showing happy endings on a story such as this but instead they are wanting to show the horror stories that are out there.

    One of two things would have happened, you would have hardly been mentioned or they would have spun the editing and your efforts would not have been shown in a positive site.

    You don’t need the press to spread your story, just keep doing what you are doing.

    Have a great day.

    • keith

      Thanks Mark
      Yes we agree with you. The TV stations would not be interested in a good news story – they would prefer to make it sordid to improve the ratings
      I appreciate the comment


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