James, Vancouver, Canada – May 2015

April 30, 2015 at 11.13pm by in Testimonials

I don’t know if you put up testimonials but I thought I would give one.

I think there are many scam websites, because many of the men who seek on the internet are playing games, desperate, or hoping to acquire what they would never be able to acquire in their own countries. This of course then – as with anything in life – breeds the parasite to feed off the droppings of this mindset. I have been observant of this trend over the years and came into this website with my eyes open. Even though this website is also listed on a scam list – though I do suspect the reputation of that particular website’s listing as it seems to be an obvious misogynist who perhaps was unable to dominate a Slavic woman.

Now I have been on this site for less than one month. I have received letters. Sent letters. Participated in a few chats, and although I am still feeling my way through – have met some very wonderful intelligent individuals. I am comfortable in the Ukrainian community here in my city, but of course, all of those friends are married, limiting my opportunity for any relationship beyond the practical friendships. So I am already very use to the Slavic woman, her mind, and her strength. I have to say, that I would definitely endorse your website, if asked about online dating, within Eastern Europe.

I was of course skeptical at first, and testing, and reading and listening, and though I do know (from research) that there are indeed some scammers on here, and there are also some agency girls in chat. For the most part, everyone I’ve spoken with is genuine. If I do meet someone here, and a relationship develops, I will let you know.

I think the only aspect of our system which I will not be participating within is the travel opportunities, for the simple reason that I do not need help to travel to Ukraine, and have my own embassy contacts both within the Ukraine and my countries, to ensure my own security, and interpreters.

So I thought I would give you a shout out, just to say that I am impressed with each I have met here. As much as this may be a surprise to you, what impressed me, was that I actually received declined chat requests, and indications that there was no interest in anything but perhaps an acquaintance with me from a couple of ladies. That is the nature of face to face reality, and indicates a truth within those ladies participating whom I’ve contacted, and whom have contacted me.

Believe me. I do not impress easily at all. So congratulations on your due diligence. The work has clearly paid for itself.

  • keith

    Thank you James
    We appreciate you taking the time to write to us.
    The scam list that you refer to in your email is owned by another marriage site who promote their own site while discrediting all others. It is a very low form of scamming and I have been in many discussions with the owner.
    We wish you all the best with your search

  • kelly

    Hi James

    i just read your post and concur with your findings. I am at the other stage of my journey and just waiting for the visa for sveta and her son to come to australia. I have posted a lot in these blogs for one reason only, because i am happy with keith, this website and the whole process with the exception of the australian visa process.

    i do not know if you will find your girl or not here on this website, but rest easy my friend you are at least talking to real girls who are serious in their intentions. i for one am very very happy and i can hardly wait to start a new life with sveta and renat in australia. Best of luck in your search

  • Joey

    I think they need more positive post like yours.
    I live in the US an I have talked to several girls but maybe its my American mind set . But being to skeptical is a problem any suggestions on questions I can ask or things I can do can change that?

    • kelly

      Hi Joey

      as soon as your find some girls to talk to get a video chat. then you can ask questions about your letters. that is the best way to know if you have been talking to your girl or not. The only way you will know for sure is when she has a wedding ring on her finger and if she is still with you in 10 years time. That is always the risk you run regardless of where you find your girl. Of course it is the same for the women, they are also investing into a future together but they are also moving to a new country and leaving everything behind in hopes a life with a husband who will love and treat them the way the deserve.

      • Joey

        That was a good answer!!

  • Lavatior Turner

    Well, I signed up for the service a while back. I emailed the owner/support about my concerns but I never received a satisfactory response. “Keith”, I just don’t think you understand how much I want your service to be a legitimate one. I want it even more than you. But you use a pay by letter model. Why?

    It is silly to pretend there isn’t truckloads of information the internet about pay by letter sites. If you are working with local agencies in Ukraine and you are paying them to submit ladies to this website, then most assuredly they are paying those women.

    So how can I be sure the woman I am talking to, is not being paid to talk to me, to chat with me, and to get me to send gifts? That is the way the vast majority of pay by letter sites work.

    So here I am again at yet another “dark” site. The only thing you can say is the same thing every other ppl site says, “trust me, I am not like the others”. Because the only way I can insure I am not talking to a married woman is to image search or ask men who are adept at tracking down these women outside of this website. I had to pay a private detective hundreds of dollars once just to find out that the lady I was talking to had a boyfriend at another site.

    Because just like every other pay by letter site, I cannot get my lady’s private information here. In addition, I have to talk to her here, chat with her here, arrange for my trip to her here and never get to know who she really is.

    I have to say this in response to criticism of your site. You claim it is all about other sites trying to profit. You just don’t realize how much damage, misery, and despair the pay by letter model has caused me and so many other men.

    And I have not seen one agency, site, or service issue an apology, talk about the service in any great detail or offer real concrete assurances they are not playing with men’s feelings and emotions for financial gain.

    So no criticism about ppl sites is not about profiting, the other sites by comparison are very inexpensive. I and others have real concerns about pay for each letter or for every minute of chat to one specific lady with no guarantee, she is actually the person responding or that she is even available for a relationship.

    • keith

      Hi Lavatior
      Thank you for contacting us. I would be more than happy to tell you about us.
      Seven years ago I was speaking with some friends in Ukraine who were using marriage sites to find a foreign partner but they were being scammed. That is correct – the ladies were being used to attract men to the site/agency and the ladies were never told that men were interested in them. The site/agency was pretending to be the ladies and scamming both the men and the ladies.
      I went about setting up a site that would remain genuine and we offer money back refunds against agencies or ladies who are proven to be less than genuine in their search for a foreign husband.
      We have an office in Nikolaev and offer online support 24/7 by email, telephone and skype. We have also developed our own travel business and provide travel and accommodation through our services.
      We only work with agencies that prove to us that they are genuine and can offer the same assurances that form the basis of our business objectives. Agencies are selected and listed on our site after a rigorous vetting process and then enter a trial period until we are satisfied that they meet the criteria that you would expect when you use our site.
      A number of these agencies have met and exceeded our criteria over a long period of association with us and we recognise them by marking them as Elite.
      An Elite Agency has been selected for meeting or exceeding the following criteria:
      • Has been in business for 5 years or longer
      • Has had at least 10 marriages to foreign men
      • Has never had a lady exposed as a scammer or as being dishonest
      • Has received positive feedback from every man who has met one or more of their ladies
      • Responds to communication within 24 hours
      • Treats all ladies and men with professionalism and respect at all times
      All agencies on the site have been vetted and are genuine, but Elite Agencies have proven themselves to go over and beyond expectations and come with our highest recommendations.
      We vet all agencies and ladies prior to working with them and listing their ladies on the site and proactive vetting continues even after they are listed with us
      Our vetting of agencies includes:
      Ensuring they have 5 years experience
      Proven successful marriages
      Where they advertise for ladies and how their ads are worded
      Do they have their own website – and what does it say
      What office facilities they have including computers and translators
      What other sites are they listed on
      References from men and ladies
      A signed agreement including rewards, fines and standards.
      Our vetting of ladies (and we vet EVERY lady) includes:
      Copies of her passport pages
      Her divorce paperwork
      Her email address and phone number
      Their social network pages
      We call each lady and interview with her to ensure she is genuinely listed on the site and we ask her to verify her contact details, passport details and place of birth.
      When the agency is working with us and we have their ladies listed we continue proactive vetting including:
      Calling the ladies and rechecking their contact details, asking her if she is still active on the site and the usernames of any men she is corresponding with
      Requesting video chats with online ladies to ensure they accept and go into video chat with us
      Monitoring each lady to see how often she is online, how many men she is communicating with and how many letters she is sending out
      Keeping a register of complaints to identify trends and patterns
      We pay the agencies their commission near the end of the following month so that they know we will withhold the previous months commissions if they carry out any dishonest activity.
      As a site administrator, when I look at a lady’s profile on our site, I see triple the information that a member can see – all part of the vetting process.
      The vetting process is continually updated as we find better ways of ensuring that we offer a genuine service.
      We protect the interests of both men and women who use our site.
      A marriage service between men and women, Ukraine and foreign, in an industry that has been rife with scamming for years, is not an easy task – and there is no guaranteed success. The women on the site also have a say on whether a relationship will develop – they have feelings and a soul as well. Too many men join thinking that they are buying from a catalogue.

      Our staff are sometimes afraid to open an email or answer a call because of the man that is calling – he is so rude and obnoxious that the staff ask if I will answer him rather than them. These men treat the ladies on the site the same and then call us scammers because they cant achieve success. There are many such men using marriage sites.
      I note that most of the contributors to your site claim that a pay per letter site will always be a scam. I do not accept this.
      I have done extensive research into the pay per letter sites versus the pay per month option and believe that scamming can be prevalent on either – if allowed to continue without penalty.
      There are opportunities for scam agencies and ladies to generate income from a dating site. This can happen with the pay per letter option – and the monthly subscription system.

      I understand the comments that many of your members make about pay per letter sites and dont disagree – except that we continually vet agencies and ladies, follow up on complaints, refund men and fine agencies. That is a very brief overview of what is a time consuming process.

      It soon becomes obvious to us who is attempting to scam and after deactivating ladies and continually fining the agency they decide we are not worth the trouble and they leave us. Often these are agencies with poor infrastructure.

      However, I have done much research on monthly subscription sites, especially this year and I find that all is not too well with those either.
      Any agency that works with a subscription site must be paid to recoup their overheads – and it needs to be enough to keep their business alive. Despite assurances from the subscription sites that they will be paid a minimum amount (and they get paid by letter and chat also), they are not generating enough income to actually pay the agencies – promises have been broken.

      This is seeing the better agencies, with good infrastructure (offices, computers, support staff, translators, etc) not working with subscription sites any more. They cant sustain the service on the income they are receiving. This leaves the agencies that are not as reputable working with these subscription sites – and they are using any method to get on top and be paid the most.

      Often, these sites themselves dont have support staff to follow up on complaints (as they are budget priced) and the scamming is almost ignored, although action is taken when push comes to shove.

      Similarly, men complain that on pay per month sites that can get any ladies contact details included in the a small monthly subscription and communicate with her offsite. However, given the IMBRA Law, which not many sites and agencies fully understand, it is illegal for a site to offer this to any man from USA.
      Last month, Jeremy Little, Immigrant VISA Chief from the US Embassy in Kiev visited our offices and spoke with all our staff about the IMBRA Law requirements and the K1 VISA process.
      Jeremy was extremely pleased that we carry out the IMBRA requirements perfectly and he complimented us on our diligence and procedures. On his return to Kiev he sent us the following email:
      Subject: From the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine
      I would like to thank your staff for making themselves available to discuss important issues relating to IMBRA. We appreciate that you and your colleagues are working hard to do your part to fulfill IMBRA requirements and protect your clientele from domestic violence. Your warm welcome and thoughtful questions ensured that our short meeting was time well spent. If you have future questions relating to IMBRA compliance or the K1 process in general, please feel free to contact me.
      Jeremy P. Little | Immigrant Visa Chief | US Embassy Kyiv |
      If a site is not concerned about IMBRA regulations, then it is probably not concerned about much else either, including whether a man and a lady will get genuine service and have a fair chance of finding true love.
      If a man is only paying a small fee each month and can write to as many ladies as he wishes, how are the agencies being paid? How do they pay their overheads? Worse still, what happens when you write to her privately or you visit her? I note that many pay per month sites don’t offer refunds.

      What these sites will do to cover the basic costs is to load many sexy ladies on the site with very provocative photos. If 1 man writes only to 1 lady, then they cant pay the overheads.
      However, if she has sexy photos and is permitted to be suggestive, then she will have 100+ men writing to her. Then the site and the agency can pay the overheads.
      But what chance does any man have when he is 1 in 100 and she is possibly only after your money anyway. Just because she is on a pay per month site does not mean she is not being paid to communicate or is seriously looking for a foreign husband, although many ladies are genuine of course.

      Our thinking is that a man can write a couple of letters, go and meet the lady and marry her. His outlay to us is little – and it has happened a number of times. We are happy as that is what we are here for.

      If she insists he keeps writing, refuses to meet him, is constantly online and looking for chats, then he complains to us and we investigate. It becomes obvious what she is doing and we refund the man. That is the criticism of pay per letter sites – that women are paid to communicate and generate income. But the vetting process that we have in place, coupled with the refunds offered (and fining of agencies) means we have a control over that criticism.

      The reason we charge for a ladies contact details is that we want him to be 100% certain he wants to do that and communicate off site. Once they leave the site, we cant monitor and we cant offer refunds.

      We want to offer a genuine service where men have assurance that we will monitor, investigate and refund. That takes time and labour and comes with costs – but you have that assurance.

      Lavatior, you asked for a few words about our site. I am sorry but I have offered more than a few words. We are genuine and we are passionate. Too often we are criticised by men who have never used us and don’t believe that we can be any different to other sites.
      If you speak with someone who has used us seriously, you will find that we are different.


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