Key factors that influence how attractive you are to Ukrainian women

November 2, 2021 at 2.39pm by in Slavic Women
Ukrainian women

In truth, for Ukrainian women, looks are not extremely important because they want to know your personality. What do Ukrainian ladies find attractive? ✨

Are you confident?

Personally, I would say I’m a very confident person because I’ve always been good at what I do. For instance, I’m proud of my achievements at work; I have an amazing lifestyle full of interesting hobbies. I’m very passionate about what I’m doing with my life. I always go for something with full enthusiasm. Yet when I was much younger, I had a job in a mattress store where my manager fired me simply because I wasn’t confident enough. But truthfully, I didn’t feel confident at that time only because I didn’t have the product knowledge (due to lack of proper training about the products in the shop, I didn’t even know what to say to customers). That means in order to feel confident, I must know what I’m doing in the first place. Otherwise, faking confidence wouldn’t work in the long term.

Similarly, if you want to be truly confident, you must have competence first. Competence comes from good preparation – you have to know what you are doing.

Do you know where are you at?

Do you have high self-esteem? When your self-esteem is high, your masculinity increases. Note that Ukrainian women like to feel like women, so they want men to take the lead and be masculine!

Do you have social skills?

Can you blend into various situations and then connect with people effectively? Women want to introduce their men to family and friends, so social soft skills are quite important.

Without social skills, your technical dating skills will not work. You can read 1,001 dating books and accumulate a large amount of dating knowledge and technical skills in this regard. But if you don’t have social soft skills in real life, none of those dating tactics will work. End of story.

I know someone who is a ghostwriter in the dating industry. This person’s job is to write a large number of articles for a wide variety of websites (and sometimes he even ghostwrites books for very well-known dating coaches). This ghostwriter told me that he hasn’t had a date since 2014 because he only studies dating techniques without implementing them! Sad but true.

Ukrainian women like intelligent men.

Okay. Let’s go back to the story about my job at the mattress shop. There is a secret that I haven’t shared with anyone yet: one major reason why I didn’t quite get the product knowledge was because when my manager was talking about product knowledge for 8 hours, I couldn’t concentrate – he is a very intelligent man and I felt naturally attracted to him because of that. As I was constantly distracted by his attractiveness, I couldn’t remember what he actually said. I’m not proud of this fact, but it is what it is. That job only lasted for 12 days.

I know my story was a bit extreme and unusual. My point is ladies like intelligent guys. 😉

If you are an intelligent guy, chances are you are able to see something in your lady that everybody else has missed, as you can look beyond the superficial into something significantly deeper. When everyone else only notices her pretty face, you should notice her remarkable personality and the strength in her character. As your perception is profound, she will listen to every word you say.

As time goes by, your Ukrainian lady will feel the emotional connection with you, for you can talk to her beyond the superficial level small talk. You fully understand who she really is. You share the same value system.

What’s more, a guy who does what he says as well as keeps his word is absolutely fundamental to trust. Usually, men who deceive are very weak because they have to lie in order to get what they want. Men who use pickup lines are just insecure because they don’t believe that they are attractive enough. That is to say, your integrity is paramount.

Don’t worry about how you look. Just focus on the traits you have that can bring good value to your Ukrainian lady.

“When you meet a Ukrainian woman, remember that she is most attracted to the way you communicate with her.”

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