Love and attraction in international dating

international dating

Love is a very broad topic. Here love refers to romantic love between a man and a woman because this website is about introducing Eastern European ladies to men who are looking for real, genuine and long-term relationships. As an international dating site, we would like to help you succeed in your journey.

  • What is the nature of romantic love?

According to a relationship consultant, romantic love has three typical characteristics: 1) It’s not extremely common. 2) It’s not easy to get. 3) It has a changeable nature.

First of all, romantic love isn’t extremely common – this is understandable because a study shows that almost 50% of the adult population in the United States are single. Apparently, a lot of people aren’t in love.

Second, it’s not easy to find love – indeed, if it’s easy to find true love, why would every Hollywood movie and every pop song describe the value of true love?

Third, love has a changeable nature – well, yes & that’s exactly why you have to maintain your relationship with your partner. Otherwise, love can be changed without maintenance. It is your job to have a date night per week and nurture your romantic relationship properly.

By the way, in western countries, most people assume that it is men’s responsibility to maintain their marriage and make their wives happy, as evidenced by the popular saying, “Happy wife, happy life” in English.

In contrast, in Eastern European culture, most people believe that it is women’s responsibility to maintain their marriage well and make their husbands happy. As a result, Eastern European women are high-value ladies who deserve more respect!

international dating
  • Attraction is different from love.

In my opinion, attraction begins from chemistry, i.e., two people feel naturally attracted to each other because of the real spark. This can be achieved through being spontaneous and playful – when you don’t take yourself too seriously, you are more relaxed, so you become more attractive.

Yet the initial excitement usually lasts for about 18 – 24 months because no one can stay excited forever. A major study indicates that if someone stays excited for a very long time, this person’s longevity can be compromised because excitement and fear/anxiety are generated by the same area in the brain. (That’s also why people who suffer from anxiety disorder would be well-advised to turn their anxiety into excitement which is easier to manage – they can turn their excitement into other positive emotions later.)

Therefore, true love and genuine admiration are the foundation for a long-term relationship. In other words, a long-term relationship cannot rely on chemistry alone. Chemistry/attraction is only one part of a romantic relationship; you also need other aspects to make this relationship sustainable and healthy.

Some people get married for the sake of getting married – maybe all of their friends are married; perhaps their parents told them to get married. Because they get married for the wrong and problematic reasons, they often get divorced quickly – when love is absent in a marriage, the marriage won’t last.

I know some older couples stay married even though they don’t have love in their marriages, but according to my observation, younger people cannot do that. Hence, it’s better to make sure that your marriage is built on true love.

How do you know whether you’ve found true love or not? Here are some tips:

  1. If you are wondering whether you love your partner or not, then the answer is no, because if you love your partner, you wouldn’t question it.
  2. When you genuinely admire the way your partner thinks, operates and explains things, you’ve found your soulmate.
  3. You and your partner go to a party. Your partner arrives a few minutes before you did, so you notice that your partner is already there interacting with other people confidently. You admire your partner’s social skills, confidence and independence. That means you are proud of your partner.

“Attraction and love are the foundation of international dating.”

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