Marrying a Ukrainian Bride: Your Social Circle VS Your Marriage

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We all know that nothing is perfect and perfection is a joke, so this article contains some uncomfortable truth, and you may want to skip it if you don’t like the unpleasant realism. But if you’ve decided to embrace the uncomfortable truth, please keep reading.

When you bring your Ukrainian bride to a western country, she will realize that her value is very high.

Let me start by explaining the origin of the uncomfortable truth: as a matter of fact, a lot of western women are overweight and less feminine. Worse still, they want to compete with men. No wonder the divorce rate in western countries is at least 50% (note that couples who are separated without a divorce certificate are not even in the statistics & many couples are unhappily married; consequently, the failure rate of marriages in western countries is actually 80%, according to a family lawyer in New York City who shared the ugly truth on Lewis Howes’s School of Greatness podcast).

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not blaming western women & I’m not saying western men are perfect. I would like to point out statistics show that international dating leads to more stable marriages because Eastern European women/Western men relationships generally last longer – they are much less likely to get divorced.

Further examination reveals that Ukrainian ladiesare slim and feminine. Better still, they respect their men and don’t want to compete with men. That’s why a marriage with a Ukrainian bride is the most natural state for a western man – a marriage like that makes a western guy feel like a real man.

Of course, no one’s marriage is perfect. When you bring your Ukrainian bride to a western country, chances are she will figure out that her value is actually very high. Before moving to a western country, she didn’t know that she is a high-value woman because almost every woman in Ukraine looks very hot. However, after moving to a western country, your Ukrainian bride may realize that she looks MUCH better than other women in the West. Also, she is more feminine, more caring and more respectful.

As a consequence, she might begin to think… “Wow. Now I know I’m actually a very high-value woman, so I deserve a better life than this.”

This is where a potential problem arises – the dynamics in your marriage may change because your Ukrainian wife’s mindset has changed.

I know this is something that most people don’t want to talk about, but I’ve decided to be honest with you so that you will actually benefit from reading this blog.

If that is a potential issue, you might have to change your social circle.

This sounds a little bit ruthless. But if your marriage is more important than your social circle, you probably have to change your social circle.

Let’s say you only hang out with loser friends whose wives are overweight and ugly. Then your beautiful Ukrainian wife will get the above-mentioned conclusion immediately when she moves to a western country with you.

A big part of the dynamic which prevents us from improving our lives is our social circle. Yes, I’ve mentioned that too many western women are overweight and unattractive, but there are still some high-value men who are married to gorgeous women in western countries. Why can’t you hang out with those high-value men?

A sign that you must change your social circle is when your loser friends say things like, “No. You are not going to make it” whenever you want to achieve something big in your career or in your life. If they don’t want you to be successful, they are not your friends. Period.

Remember: Whenever you change for the better, you invalidate loser friends who have chosen to stay the same and never improve themselves.

In my opinion, an ambitious guy’s social circle should always grow, develop and vary. Otherwise, it becomes stale – it literally stagnates and stops.

If a friend of yours is constantly looking at your Ukrainian wife (and even trying to flirt with her), you have to avoid him at all cost.

If a loser friend says “Why bother? You won’t make it”, you must stop updating them on your achievements and ambitions. (Yes, I said “must”, not “should”). Never share your dreams and goals with demotivating people.

How to build a powerful network so that you only hang out with successful people:

First, you can meet like-minded people at educational conferences such as real estate investing seminars, personal development workshops and business development conferences.

Only growth-driven people would go to these events, so you will surely meet a large number of high-quality men and women. Usually, there are more men than women attending investing seminars and business development conferences, and those successful men’s wives are generally good-looking.

The unpleasant reality is many men have been married for several times. Only rich men have money to invest in something (so they go to investing seminars). When a rich guy marries his second or third wife, this new wife is oftentimes younger and hotter than his first wife.

Now once you become friends with these wealthy men, your Ukrainian wife will also meet their beautiful wives sooner or later. Then your wife from Ukraine wouldn’t think that her value is higher than every western woman she knows. And that’s exactly what you want.

What’s more, building a powerful network is good for your career and your social life as well, so why not do it now?

Second, you should become the social hub. After making friends with successful men and their wives, you would be well-advised to become the organizer. For example, you can have a Happy Hour every Thursday night and invite all your new friends to this weekly event. Tell them to bring their gorgeous wives so that your wife from Ukraine can meet those pretty ladies as well. Remember: it is your job to teach your Ukrainian wife what her value actually is because it is your responsibility to manage who she interacts with – she only knew you when she moved to a western country, so technically, she should meet all of her new friends through you.

When your bride from Ukraine can see that all your successful friends’ wives are attractive women who speak perfect English, she will want to improve herself and treat you better. And that’s great news.

In business and in life, your luck is determined by who you know and who knows you. That means this social shift will change your luck, too. In other words, when you have more powerful friends, you will also have more power indirectly and directly.

For instance, whenever your powerful friend discovers a career opportunity that suits you, he will probably think of you first. That’s how you create good luck by building a powerful social network.

Please note that when you are interacting with successful people, remember to offer value and add value to their lives, because many successful people are surrounded by individuals who are asking for things from them (their family members and neighbors are thinking… “What’s in it for me?”). Therefore, when you are able to help your successful friends, they will want to build genuine friendships with you in the long term.

“Your network is your net worth.”

  • Terje

    Perhaps another unpleasant truth: Are East-European women more interested in money and materialistic value than western women?

    • michael candella

      I have dated Ukrainian women for over ten years (long story). I think I have finally found the lady that I will marry. As far as material things go, you should under stand that most Ukrainian ladies have lived in a depressed economy all of their life. They took solace in dreaming about fashion and beauty. The hard truth is that they may only have a few outfits but they see the ladies form the west and other developed countries and they yearn to be able to go shopping and get what they always desired. So yes, they will most certainly want to build their wardrobe. But this will just be a minor surge. Having obtained a few nice things, they will return to being what most of us men desire. A faithful, loving. caring lady with great family values and a wonderful sense of humor. Use that to your advantage. Spend a lot of time with her. If they have children, love then as your own. Praise, Praise, Praise. The more you invest with her emotionally and romantically (very important) the deeper she will love you. If you don’t do all these things, you should probably be prepared for a divorce. Julia K is correct! Now she knows her worth and will never go back to the way she felt in Ukraine with the mistreatment from men and fighting each day to keep her family well. Seek and ye shall receive. Also remember the first year will be tough. As she is learning English, try to learn a little Russian and surprise her. She will be delighted. Good Lunch Fellas And enjoy that new wife. Work hard at having fun. PS I agree with the rest of the things Julia K wrote. Also, I beg you to read the book: The Road Less Traveled. If you are open minded it will transform your married life forever. Good Luck, Mikey C

    • Nick

      I think they are. So if you’re disappearing to build networks it’s best to build your network it’s best to not even think about marriage. Especially as the odds of leaving bachelors life remain smaller for western men who can’t keep stability in relations prior to becoming financially successful. The inability to be pragmatic enough to consider that women not present in life prior to successes becomes hard to see her value being any benefit in his rewards.

  • Alex

    I think she is old enough not to be pridefule comparing herself to a obese or liberal families. What if the westerners are skinny drug users? They are gluttonous to. I do not think people are as close as Europeans think. I admit westerners seem close. It is not like TV. Sometimes I go to a seminar or social gathering. I like my own private life. It is peaceful.

  • Aijazz

    Interesting fact: Canada is NOT strictly “western” Watch “Life of Pie” to understand this better. And yes, the post Corona world will throw up a lot more surprises about the myth of luxury in the west. We need a BALANCED world & Svetlana from Kharkiv probably knows how to achieve this..!!


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