Relationship 101: How to Love Someone Unconditionally


Many people have tried to define love but its concept is certainly tricky to describe. We all have various views and thoughts on this topic which can lead to a tremendous amount of expectations on relationships. It’s one of two things, either you feel that it’s your partner’s job to make you happy or you think that it’s your responsibility to make them happy. Truth be told, neither of these things are true when it comes to unconditional love. 

Unconditional love means one’s ability to love another under any circumstance. But, it doesn’t mean loving them without limits or boundaries. It doesn’t mean staying with them despite their horrible treatment. Unconditional love means embracing everything about a person and accepting their strengths and weaknesses while keeping your self-worth intact.

Exhibiting this kind of love in relationships can be difficult but knowing how to do it can be life-changing. Read on and learn how to love someone unconditionally.

Show unconditional love by the way you act

Looking at love as a mere feeling will only set your relationship up for failure. Love is more about how you act during the trying times. This refers to your ability to show love in spite of and despite what someone says and does. It means not trying to change them or yourself. You continue to love and act the same way regardless of how they behave because it’s a decision you make every day – to love them unconditionally no matter the situation. 

Love yourself, too

If you used to think that unconditional love is allowing a person to manipulate you and treat you badly, then you have the wrong perception of unconditional love. While it’s okay to look after the welfare and happiness of your partner, don’t forget that it’s also equally important to give unconditionally to yourself, too. Don’t get fixated on trying to please your partner. Self-love is just as important. After all, you can’t pour anything from an empty cup.

Work through the hard times together

Relationships aren’t always about rainbows and sunshine. There will always be trials and unfavorable conditions. But if you believe that your love is worth fighting for, that it’s stronger than any storms that come your way, then you can make it through together until the end.

Don’t easily give up

No human is perfect. We all make mistakes. You and your partner will make mistakes. Because every person is flawed in certain ways, be ready to accept the fact that your partner is also imperfect. Just because they did or said something wrong doesn’t mean they’re not a good fit for you. You may share some common ground but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be on the same page at all times. You will have varying attitudes, quirks, views and opinions in one way or another and that’s fine. 

Accept the fact that it’s going to be uncomfortable

Loving someone unconditionally means that you have to be able to handle the rough along with the smooth and the good with the bad. It’s not always going to be easy but you’ll be holding their hand through the pain and challenges so you both grow together. It means never leaving each other’s side even when things aren’t comfortable and convenient.

Learn how to forgive

For a relationship to last, it’s important that couples define the things that can be forgiven along with the dealbreakers. If your partner commits a mistake without the intention of really hurting you, try to work things out. Let go of the anger and learn how to forgive. Don’t hold on to the negative feelings and instead, act lovingly to resolve your issues.

Show love even at they’re their most unlovable

Easier said than done but we all need someone who can make us feel loved even during the times we don’t deserve it. Show love and affection even if your partner is unlovable at the moment, even when they have the worst moods and even when they’re not very affectionate. 

Loving someone unconditionally doesn’t mean ignoring when things are no longer right. It only means knowing how to love yourself enough to know what you deserve while working hand in hand with your partner to achieve a happy and healthy relationship.

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