Matchmaking Vs. Online Dating: How to Tell the Difference Between the Two

March 20, 2017 at 6.00am by in Online Dating

The technology has been one helpful tool for people who wanted to find a date but got no time. While there are many success stories from people who were able to find the love of their lives online, not everyone is actually successful in their search for love using the Internet because of many reasons. And this is why people would always go back to matchmaking services which have been around for years, and even longer than the existence of online dating. But what really is the difference between the two?

How does matchmaking really work?

In matchmaking, you will be meeting with the matchmaker who will ask a couple of personal questions. You will then be set up for a date with a potential match and come back to your matchmaker to tell them the story about your date, the things you liked about it, and the things that you didn’t like. Then you can go on with another date with another person and the process repeats until you find someone who you finally like.

How does online dating work?

Online dating is one of the most popular ways of meeting people using a wide variety of online dating sites. And people choose the websites based on their interest and needs because not all who join these activities are searching for romantic relationships. Some people are just looking for friends. For first-time users, all they have to do is to sign up and create a profile and take it from there.

Matchmaking vs. Online Dating

Here are some key differences between an online dating and a professional matchmaking service:

The cost. The cost is one of the things that sets online dating apart from matchmaking service because matchmaking can cost a great deal of money if you want to make sure that you are meeting someone who is also committed to this setup. Although there are also some online dating sites which require payment, you have greater chances of finding people who are serious about dating, and it still costs less than the matchmaking services. When you sign up for matchmaking services, you are not only committing your money, you are also committing your time to meet the matchmaker and the person you are going to date.

The numbers. When it comes to the number of users, online dating sites boast millions of users and that means you have a wider selection of people to choose from. In matchmaking, the number of users is smaller. Some matchmaking services even set rules for exclusivity, which makes the pool of selection very limited. However, the numbers are not the only basis for determining which service is better. There are advantages and disadvantages to having a lot of people to choose from.

What you see is what you get. In matchmaking, you are not the only one who entirely makes the decision on who is the right match for you because before you even get to meet your date, someone has already picked them for you. While it is also helpful to heed the advice of other people about who’s a good match, it is nearly impossible to convey everything you are looking for in a potential partner. On the other hand, when you try out online dating, you can personally find out the details of the person you are about to meet just by looking at their profile. Also, when you do your searches, you will not have to explain your preference to anybody. The freedom is all yours when it comes to choosing the person you want to get to know more.

Matchmaking has shown better results than online dating. Matchmaking has proven how it helps a person get the chance to be with someone they like and someone who is right for them. While making the relationship work is entirely up to you, the most important thing is that you have found someone suitable for your personality, character, and everything else. Online dating is riskier. Matchmaking is a lot safer because of the screening process that clients and potential dates have to go through.

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