Maturity may be the Key

April 24, 2013 at 10.04am by in Online Dating

I had some correspondence last week with Julian. He had his first video chat and was remarking to me about how well it went and that he and his lady seemed to hit it off really well first time.

I looked at the ladies profile and I noted that she was 41 years old. I made an observation to Julian that the most successful relationships that we have nurtured on the site have been between mature couples rather than when there is an age mismatch. This is a generalisation, but is more often correct.

I spoke with my Ukraine manager about this and she said the following to me:
Men are looking for too young girls
Young girls only want money
Those men who choose women 10-15 years younger (not 20-30) usually not have problems with relationships.
I see that only a girl with big financial problems and what have no other choice can marry with a man 25-30 years older.
I think it’s a vicious circle.

I thought it well worth mentioning here because I see many men become frustrated when things dont turn out as they hoped as they progress along the road to romance.

We can offer a matchmaking service for men for free if they wish and find compatibility if they combine their ideal with maturity. Write to us and we will help.

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You can also meet up with any ladies whom you may have been corresponding prior to the tour.

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  • LBW

    There are some interesting things being said here…I would like to hear from any men that have had unsuccessful romances with younger women..ladies perhaps 20 years younger than themselves(or more). What was your experience…? Does the above advice from the Ukraine manager ring true? I think that this is a very important issue..I get many letters from much younger women.I am 52, i get many letters from girls 18-25 years old. I honestly think the vast majority are not desperate types, looking for a ticket to a life of riches and adventure with “Western guy”. I am frank with them…i tell them I am just ordinary guy..not rich guy! One girl is perhaps a little bit odd, but that doesn’t prove she is looking for a white knight. Looking forward to your story or your opinion!

    • keith

      Thanks Kieran
      My comment was not to place all younger ladies in the category of not being serious, but merely to say that the chances of a successful relationship increase with a ladies maturity (in years).
      There have been successful relationships with both younger ladies and more mature ladies but statistics shows maturity increases the chances.

      • LBW

        thanks keith,
        yes i also believe that the chances of ‘mature age’ relationships are greater. I find some younger women flounder with building relationships online..and require a great deal of nurturing and understanding.

        But your manager is quoted as saying “young girls only want money”.
        perhaps this needs to be fleshed out or qualified in some way.
        many thanks


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