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Ukrainian Ladies

Gary Vaynerchuk famously said, “Ten years ago, online dating was a taboo topic. But nowadays online dating is mainstream, if not the only way to meet someone.” Indeed, these days you can meet Ukrainian ladies on the Internet instantly. But do you have the right digital dating skills that are required in the Internet dating department?

It turns out that you need to be a good writer if you choose online dating.

Because most messages that you send to a woman on the Internet are text messages, you probably need to be good at writing to some degree. Of course, you don’t have to be an outstanding writer in order to meet women online, but you do need to have reasonably good grammar and spelling in your messages. Also, you should be able to communicate effectively via text messages.

My recommendation is you should send high-quality text messages rather than too many messages. That’s because when you send too many text messages, you are telling the Ukrainian lady that you have nothing else to do. In contrast, when you send high-quality text messages without a large volume, you indicate your high value.

You should be responsive, but it doesn’t mean you must respond to her message immediately. For instance, if you are at a business conference, obviously you can’t respond to her text message right now. It’s okay to let her wait for a while and be patient. This will keep her thinking about you.

I highly encourage you to go to Ukraine and meet the Ukrainian lady in person as soon as possible. I’m not saying you must book the flight now. I mean it’s better if you get to know her in person fast instead of spending six months chatting with her online. This is especially important if you are not a good writer and can’t produce very engaging text messages on the Internet.

Now I’d like you to be the one who gives a little bit less in your text messages because the person who cares more has less leverage in the dynamics. This doesn’t mean you care less; it only means your text messages shouldn’t show your clinginess.

Just let your Ukrainian girlfriend invest more in you so that she will continue working harder to keep you. A bonus tip: Never show new emotions that you haven’t already shown when you were having face-to-face interactions with her.

You are James Bond.

When you are building your online dating profile, remember to present the right digital persona. Think James Bond.

The most important element on your dating profile is your photos. Therefore, you may even want to consider hiring a professional photographer to take your photos. Then you will have high-quality photos to be uploaded on your dating profile.

Ideally, your photos should be taken in the sunshine (not inside a house) so that you will look more energetic. Remember: women like seeing men in the sunshine because the natural environment makes men look more reliable. In contrast, when your photo shows you are sitting in a dark room, you look less trustworthy.

Selective is effective – you would be well-advised to choose 3 or 4 very good photos to be uploaded online so that you actually behave like James Bond. Note that James Bond wouldn’t upload 50 photos on his dating profile.

The fact that you’ve chosen a Ukrainian women dating site means you value your time – if you use a mainstream dating website, chances are you will have to waste a lot of time in order to find the right woman because mainstream dating sites don’t have an organic filter. By contrast, using a reputable and trusted international dating website like means every woman is a genuine Eastern European lady who is already looking for western men just like you. If I can use a business analogy, this phenomenon is also called “leads” VS “qualified leads”: women on mainstream dating sites are “leads”, whilst Eastern European women on an international dating site are “qualified leads”. Hopefully this is understandable.

Combine online dating with offline dating.

Actually, if you decide to go to Ukraine, you may want to try offline dating as well because not every single Ukrainian lady is on an international dating website, but everyone goes to the coffeehouse, buys groceries in the supermarket and goes to the shopping mall. In other words, you can maximize your chance of meeting someone suitable if you can meet women offline as well.

As a matter of fact, when you go to Ukraine, you not only practice your dating skills, but also hone your social skills in general because you are going to a foreign country to meet new people. How exciting is that?!

I know many western men who have been to Ukraine in order to meet their Ukrainian girlfriends. Meanwhile, they have also made friends with a lot of like-minded men. For instance, every year, thousands of Australian men go to Ukraine to meet Ukrainian brides. At the same time, many of these men become friends who have added tremendous value to each other’s lives and careers.

That is to say, if you have the ability to meet people in real life, you have an advantage over those who only rely on dating websites and dating apps.

When you are in Ukraine, you may want to have some male friends who are equally cool, because that will increase your perceived value. Please let me explain.

Let’s say you are hanging out with a Ukrainian lady that you haven’t quite figured out yet, you should let her meet your friends. In this way, she will see third-party validation, meaning a third-party review is hard to fake and now she can see you have high-value friends who already like you and respect you. So, you should let your social circle sell you.

Therefore, you will work less hard in order to demonstrate your good qualities, as your good qualifies are reflected in your friends. Now your Ukrainian lady can see you have so many high-quality friends, so she will figure out two things: 1) you are not a crazy person; 2) she wants to be a part of your wonderful life.

Let me give you another analogy:

When you plan to buy a product on Amazon, you will check its reviews first, right? If a product has no review or only negative reviews, you will think twice or give it up. However, if a product has a lot of positive five-star reviews, you are more likely to buy this product, especially when you notice these positive reviews are written by verified customers on Amazon.

Hence, it’s time to build a powerful social circle that your Ukrainian lady can meet. Of course, you must train your friends well – your male friends need to know that they can’t compete with you in this regard: Their job is to make sure your Ukrainian woman likes you (not competing with you to attract her).

“Dating via URL VS IRL – which way is better?”




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