Meeting a Ukrainian Bride: How Personal Finances Can Influence a Relationship

The No. 1 reason for divorce in western countries is money. Sad but true. Therefore, all individuals who are looking to get married would be well-advised to figure out how to manage personal finances and stay married.

The truth about personal finances in a relationship:

Generally speaking, there are 3 pillars in a marriage: 1) connection; 2) intimacy; 3) money. Unfortunately, in western culture, money is a taboo topic, and kids don’t learn anything about money when they are at school. It seems that schools teach people the wrong subjects.

I know several guys who run hugely successful companies with their wives and they will never get divorced because of their businesses, i.e. mutual benefits. There is nothing wrong with that – when one pillar in a marriage is strong enough, it can help a lot.

Frankly, if a marriage has 1 pillar in it, it can still work. If a marriage has 2 pillars in it, it is a high-quality marriage. If a marriage has 3 pillars in it, this couple should totally be on Oprah. Personally, I’ve never seen a marriage with all 3 pillars in it!

Why using your wealth to attract a Ukrainian bride is not a good idea:

First of all, Ukrainian women don’t want to be bought. When a lady is looking for a genuine relationship, she doesn’t expect a guy to buy her as she certainly wants to feel attracted to a man first. So, please do not use your wealth to buy a lady’s love. If you need to use your wealth to buy someone’s love, she already doesn’t love you. End of story.

American author Mark Manson famously said, “Using your wealth to bargain with somebody into respecting you or loving you ruins the whole project, for if you have to persuade somebody to love you, they already don’t love you; if you have to convince somebody to respect you, they don’t respect you & never will; if you have to convince someone to trust you, they will not trust you.”

As I see it, improving your grooming is the easiest method of getting you results quickly because improving your looks is obviously easier than growing the balance of your bank account. All you have to do is to purchase some new outfits and get a great haircut. In my opinion, your clothes don’t have to be expensive, yet they must be right, because Ukrainian women are fashion-conscious ladies who expect their men to dress well, too. So, you can go to H&M and become a very stylish man today. Just get rid of your boring or ugly clothes and dress better from now on. Then you will become more confident at the same time because how you look also influences how you feel.

Ukrainian ladies like stylish men with an elegant taste; therefore, don’t underestimate the power of personal grooming. Truthfully, you won’t get any younger, so you should totally make the most of your youth & look good now when you still can! Remember: your physical attractiveness will not last long; hence, you should enjoy your good looks when you still have time.

Second, if you show off your financial success, you might be used by some women. Indeed, when a man has nothing else to offer, he usually wants to show off his money so as to impress ladies, which only indicates his weakness instantly as his action screams, “I’m not an attractive man, and the only method of compensating you for my lack of attractiveness is to give you cash”. A guy like that won’t attract a positive relationship.

When wealth actually works for you:

In actuality, if you have higher status and more money, you need less attractive behavior; if you have lower status and less money, you need more attractive behavior. Note that wealth can be leveraged when the circumstances are right. Please let me explain.

Some men have arrangements with women, which is fine (I’m not the most judgmental person in the world). In that case, their arrangements are all about value exchange. But is only for western men and Ukrainian brides to build serious, long-term and meaningful relationships / marriages, so this website is not for people who are looking for arrangements.

Apart from that, I’d like to point out that investing in your love life will benefit you in the long run. Whenever I see a young guy in his 20s trying to save money, I feel sorry for him as he is making a mistake: If a 22-year-old man is thinking about how to save 50 cents when buying a T-shirt, maybe he will still think of how to save 50 cents when buying a T-shirt when he is 32, 42, … How sad is that?! I mean you would be ill-advised to focus on saving money when you are in your 20s because in my view, saving money should be a focus later in your life. When you are 22 years old, you have to invest in yourself. Actually, my mentor even claims that you may benefit from spending all of your money when you are in your 20s so you won’t need to worry about how to save 50 cents in your 30s, 40s, 50s, …. As far as I’m concerned, so long as you have a very actionable financial plan & you can actually stick to it, you can totally invest in yourself when you’re in your 20s. Then you’ll get the benefits in the long term, for you will not need to worry about how to save 50 cents when buying a T-shirt in your 30s, 40s, …. – you will become a more intelligent, capable and sophisticated guy who is able to attract high-value women in your life, thereby becoming successful in love, in business and in life.

That’s why paying for an international dating service is a short-cut to success in your love life – Ukraine Brides Agency automatically send eligible candidates to you, so you can save a large amount of time. Further, you would benefit from hiring a dating coach because oftentimes it’s hard to see your own mistakes / blind spots until a coach points it out for you. Apparently, many smart guys use these resources and they only get smarter, happier & richer.

That being said, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend money on women. Honestly, you can spend money on your Ukrainian girlfriend as a reward. Though I already said ladies don’t want to be bought, it’s okay for you to buy her a nice dinner after she’s done something great for you. This is called ‘positive reinforcement’ in modern psychology, meaning the reward can make your Ukrainian lady want to do great things for you in future. That is to say, it is you who will benefit from this process if you spend money on your Ukrainian bride in the right ways.

“Please don’t show off your fancy car or your big mansion in your dating profile photo. You can demonstrate your high status by wearing a nice suit in your photo.”

  • Aijazz

    Yes, good ladies exist.. but for every GOOD one hiding behind tge bushes, there are 9 others who are strutting their beautiful legs & etc etc.. 😂 I personally find that I am not making much money because of a lack of trust in the previous.. Hmm.. Ukrainian ladies have a lot to teach us..!!


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