Michael, Texas, USA October 29 2016

To start with, I would like to say it has been many years since the first time I met a woman from Ukraine. I have always been impressed with the way they carry themselves and the way they have always been with other people they meet. Yes, I have friends that are married to women from Ukraine so I have people that can tell me first hand about being married to a woman from Ukraine, and it is everything I could want.

After talking with a few friends, I decided to give it a try and see if I could find the right woman for me online. Yes, I know I am not perfect, and I know there is no such thing as the perfect person. But I am looking for something very special, the woman that is perfect for me and will let me be perfect for her.

Being an introvert at times makes it very hard for me to open up and let someone new in. But I tried. No I am not looking with just my eyes either. To me who a woman is on the inside is very important to me.

So now without naming any of the other websites, I would like to tell you about some of the experiences I had.

The first place I tried was where one of my friends met his wife. It seemed like a good start, but within 2 weeks I wanted to cancel my profile and asked for a refund, which I did get. The woman I was communicating with was telling her friends where she lives how she met a man over here and was going to use him just to get a start in a new country. Unfortunately for her, one of her friends she was telling this to (and showed a picture of me) was the niece of my friends wife. So yes, it got back to me very fast, and I left that site.

So I tried other sites and found women that wanted to write to a man they have never met and act like tramps and prostitutes. I had women asking me very detailed sexual questions and sending naked pictures. This happened on two different websites! Not my type of women, glad I did not get past signing up for free before deleting my accounts there.

So onto other sites I went. And the next one seemed very promising. But that changed. The two women that really caught my interest I guess really do not understand the power of the internet. Both talking about never being married, no children, wanting a man that will treat them right. Well thanks to social media (and being an IT major) it was not hard at all to find out more about these two then what they were telling on that one website. One woman, I found pictures of her and her husband well she was 8-9 months pregnant! The other woman, well I never did find out if she as married or just living with the guy, but she had just had a baby also! So this eliminated another website from the list of possibilities.

Then one day I got an email about “Join our site and get 20 free credits”, so I took a look, figured what could it hurt. Well there was one woman that caught my attention right off. And the 20 free credits was enough to write two letters to her. But then when I decided maybe this will be the right place, when you try to purchase the minimum credit amount, it would not let you do it. But there customer service says you can send money Western Union to buy credits, but instead of the $20 minimum it had to be a minimum of $300!!!

Nothing says SCAM more then that. So my free account for that site was also deleted. In fact, they said if I deleted that account I could never sign up for their services again. Like I would really fall for that and want to stay somewhere that was a total scam?

So that leave one more website I looked at, and yes, I found many women on that site that caught my attention. But I never got past the point of just looking and reading profiles. You see I had trouble trying to figure out how to get credit and how much they actually charged for anything. And to me it looked like they wanted to have a credit card attached to the account where they could keep charging you every month. That did not sound like a good idea to me, but still there were some women here that I may be interested in. And being this is the one website to meet women from Ukraine that is advertised on TV here in the United States, you would think maybe it is legitimate. Now being an introvert I am also not a big fan of these little chat boxes that constantly pop up with women trying to get you to talk with them. To me it is to quick and not very personal, so I prefer to write letters. Usually I will just close the chat boxes when they pop up. But there was one I just could not help but notice. It was the one that made me feel the entire site may have been a scam, What did a woman write in a chat trying to get my attention? Well I will write it all here, and let you censor it any way you think needs to be censored. What she said was “you are an idiot! I get money for talking to such ASSHOLES as you haha!”

Well so much for using that website, even if she was the only one like that there, I can not trust a site that has even one woman that can get on there and say something like that.

Now not that I am in a rush or anything, but more that I feel that if I meet a woman online, and she may be the one for me, I do want to take my time. I want to make sure that not only do I think she is right for me, but that she feels and thinks I am right for her.

When I signed up at Ukraine Brides Agency, I actually forgot I signed up. I have several emails and I use each for something different. Well being I signed up and forgot, and not thinking about it did not check that one email account for some time, when I checked it I found I had many letters from women on this site. So I went and logged in and started to read all of the letters. Now there are a few things I look for when looking to see if a woman is right for me. There a certain things about the looks of a woman that either I like or do not like. Rule number one I have to absolutely love the eyes and hair. After that I look at what is said to me and how. And yes, I look at all the pictures on a profile, read everything in that profile, and watch any videos that may be posted.

And what I found was one woman out of this group that I was automatically drawn to. I loved her beautiful eyes and hair. Everything she wrote in her first letter to me really captured my imagination. What she wrote in her profile was just as nice, and the pictures, well WOW!!! But when I got to the videos she had posted, well her introductory video, when I heard her voice I just melted.

Yes, I wrote a letter to her and I even told her I was sorry for how long it was since she wrote before I responded.

Since then she is the only woman I have been communicating with. We are really getting to know each other. She knows I do not want to rush and understands why. And the best part is that even with a slight age difference and growing up in two totally different cultures, we have so much in common and both seem to have the same values as far as what a relationship should be.

And since joining the UBA site, I have not seen any of what I saw on other sites and have not had any type of bad feeling about the site or any of the other women that may have tried to get my attention. The best part is that there is a Facebook page, so when I have a question, concern or comment, I know I can go there and get an answer even faster then through the customer service for the UBA site. And I think that the site having some involvement with Svetlana Mukha is also a bonus. I have not used her services but I have been able to ask her questions on Facebook also, and she has been very helpful.

Right now, thanks to Ukraine Brides Agency, I have meet and am falling in love with a wonderful woman named Natalya. Everything about her makes me happy and I am hoping for a meeting in person soon.

And yes, because of the service and help that has been given to me on this site (and the Facebook page) when I get that chance to take a trip to Ukraine, I will let UBA help me in choices of hotels and restaurants. Maybe a little sight seeing also.

Keep up the good work.


  • Kelly

    Hi Michael))

    Thank you your review of uba))). I am not surprised at your findings at all as I have experienced it all myself before I found uba back in March of 2014. Within a short time I had found what I had been looking for all of my life and 3 months later I was in Ukraine for our first meeting))). As I write this I am in a villa at Bali with the same woman from the site and her son))). After a long wait we hope they can come to Australia in May of next year. Keith and the team really helped me out and I am now helping him with advice from a man who had been successful in his quest))). Why was I successful on the first trip? Because I spent the time in chats and letters before I meet in person)). We knew each other))) just turning up and taking your chances is a very expensive risk. If you are kind and happy and respectful you can not go wrong)). If I can help you can reach me through the contact list
    Warmest regards and good luck



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